Do you want to get encircled with absolute lush greenery? Azadshahr district is the answer for you. On the right side of Azadshahr in 22th district of Tehran there is chitgar forest park and on the right hand there is National Botanical Garden of Iran. The access to this area is done via Tehran-karaj highway and metro station.

  • The residency area in Azadshahr is an organized urban block located between two human-made garden and forest. Knowing this confirm that Azadshahr residency block has very subtle weather. This district is very accessible as it is next to the Tehran-Karaj freeway.

Azadshahr District at a glance:
• Geographical position in Tehran: West
• known for: Forest like parks
• Neighborhood districts: Chitgar district
• Access to Azadshahr District:
Tehran-karaj highway
• Subway station: it is available
• Bus station: it is available
• The price range of furnished apartment in Azadshahr District: Middle

Best public garden in Azadshahr district

  • Chitgar park: Chitgar park is a forest park situated next to azadshahr district. This park is 14.5 square kilometers- very vast in comparison with any other park in Tehran. there is also an artificial lake within this park. You can enjoy doing activities such as cycling and skating there. You want to experience nature even more? Visit close by landmarks below
park chitgar in Azadshahr district
  • Bam Equestrian club: Get more in touch with the nature and visit Bam Equestrian club so that horses bring you more tranquility and give an incomparable joy of riding. This club offers beginner to advanced level classes but if you don’t want to pursue a class then Bam Equestrian club offers one ride and supporting services with certified staffs.
  • National Botanical Garden: Have you heard or seen Plant taxonomy for yourself? Then visiting Iran national Botanical Garden is the place to go in Azadshahr district. The layout of this garden is highly distinguished as it has six artificial lakes. the monolith scheme of this area revolves around encompassing major nature sites in Iran and world. If you want to get a taste of Zagros, Alborz mountains as well as Himalayas all in one, go around Iran national Botanical Garden consciously enjoy all the details.

A restaurant in middle of national Garden

  • Baghe Irani Restaurant in National Botanical Garden: In the center of National Botanical Garden, you can order tea from botanical café or spend your lunch time in the Baghe Irani Restaurant. This Restaurant has a delicate ambiance and refresh your state and serves high quality food.

Facilities Azadshahr District

  • Latif Far Daily Market is on the right corner of Azadshahr block. This daily farmer market provides the fresh produce-ready to consume!