Mystery lies beneath Ebn-e-Babevayh district since the major attractions of this location were constructed by unplanned incidents. Now Ebn-e-Babevayh district is in 20th District of Tehran. However, this spot Initially was a massive garden for Naseredin shah Qajar. but later a corpse was discovered in the cellar a long with a stone plate proving that this dead body belongs to Sheikh Sadough- a very reputable Islamic scholar in 9th century. Consequently, it was decided to build a holy shrine for him. Gradually The first main mass grave of shahr-e-rey was formed. Ebn-e-Babevayh grave yard is a spectacular site as many phenomenal figures have been buried there.

Ebn-e-Babevayh zone is surrounded by Avini express way, from West by Fadaeiy eslam and toward East by Ibn-e-babevayh street.

People of this region have always had the reputation of diligence and having boundless vision. They truly demonstrated this through history.

Ebn-e-Babevayh district at a glance:
• Geographical position in Tehran: South
• known for: Historical landmarks
• Neighborhood districts: Shahr-e Rey
• Access to Ebn-e-Babevayh district: Avini expressway
• Subway station: it is available
• Bus station: it is available
• Price range of furnished apartment in Ebn-e-Babevayh District: Middle to low

Notable individuals who arose from
Ebn-e-Babevayh district

Although Ebn-e-Babevayh might not be very modernized district but definitely flourished the rise of many outstanding figures through years. Here Get to know some of them:

Ali Akbar Deh Khoda: He is the most prominent linguistic figure in the history of Iran. He wrote dictionaries covering multiple languages. You can see he contributed significantly to the Persian literature by his comparative style with French and Arabic language.

Hossein Behzad: Do you want to get familiar with creator of miniature painting in Iran. Hossein Behzad was character from Ebn-e-Babevayh quarter who gave significant voice to this style of painting.

Hadi Islami: Want to enjoy your extra free time while visiting this site? We highly recommend you to watch “ the bus” movie in which Hadi Islami has leading role. He was a very played with extensive craftsmanship and won award for this role.

Ancient locations in Ibne bavie an incarnation of important figures

Holy Shrine of Bi Bi Zeinab Khatoon: The Structure itself was made by shah Tahmaseb Savafi in 1576. Later was renovated by Nasereddin Shah Qajar in 1907. This grave belongs to the great grand children of Imam Mousa Ibn jafar.

Ibn Babawayh Cemetery in Ebn-e-Babevayh District of Tehran

The tomb of Ibn babawayh: worldwide known as Al-Shaykh Al-Saduq-was very prominent Shi’ite scholar. He was born in 923 AD and passed away in 991. His grave yard is the designed with conventional layout of mirrors and golden bars

Jahan Pahlavn Takhti tomb: chivalrous behavior and sportsmanship are the characteristic of people who live here. further justification? Just find the time and watch Gholamreza Takhti match in Melbourn Olympic in 1956 and his world championship matches. He was the man who help many during his lifetime. An Iranian athlete to remember and that is for sure Jahan pahlevan Takhti. this figure was buried in Ibn Babawayh graveyard.

Facilities in Ebn-e-Babevayh District

Park Saduq: on the other side of parking lot you can relax for a moment and enjoy your time in Saduq park. It quite yet very cozy and refreshing.

Somayeh Cultural center (sport complex): nearby Ibn Babawayh you can find the sports and cultural center in which you can do various sports or use the child care facilities for your children.

Public parking: a very sweet relief because you don’t have to worry about parking lot! Right on the south corner of Ibn babawayh there is a public parking lot for you to use. This is another reason why you should visit here!

Fine restaurant in Ebn-e-Babevayh District

Rey district has always been famous for its traditional Iranian foods but if you are just looking for the most accessible yet enjoyable site then this one below is the best option.

  • Onik fast food: the overall design is very modern and clean. You can find sites pretty easily and that staff are very helpful. On Its menu you can find burger, fires and nice pizzas.