Ebrahim Abad cannot be found fairly easily either by map or incomplete information. To be more precise for you, Ebrahim Abad is situated in Rey county in Tehran. This area is between kenargardan-e-payin and koleyn and is surrounded by agricultural vast lands. If you are very adventurous then you might want to take a look at rivers and lakes in the upper area of Ebrahim Abad because it surly worth the time and effort.

This district is not highly crowded and it only has 1242 people in total. It can become windy and cold mainly because there aren’t many lumps of trees.

Ebrahim Abad at a glance:

Geographical position in Tehran: south, suburb

It is known for: Agricultural land and peaceful scenery

Neighborhood districts: Hasan abad

Access to Ebrahim Abad: Tehran-Qom freeway

Subway station: it is not available

Bus station: it is available

the price range of furnished apartment in Ebrahim Abad District: Low

Watch stars in full details in the Safavid caravansary

Kenargerd Caravansary: built-in Safavid dynasty this ancient public house has many chambers in its’ four porches for travelers to Qom and Rey. Kenargerd Caravansary show offs it’s magnificent scenery at the nights when ultimate silence brings another aspect of Sky into vision.  

Kenargerd Caravansary in Ebrahim Abad District tehran
Kenargerd Caravansary a tourist site in Ebrahim Abad District

Wander in the farms and enjoy the Zyvan lake

Zyvan lake: Zyvan lake- a natural phenomenon give lives to many lands in it’s surrounding and it’s crucial for the continuation of agricultural activities of this zone. Besides that, it has an unprecedented beauty in each season. Especially Golden reflection of its adjacent plants, on the top of that you’ll hunt a series of stars that you have never seen before.

Peace through a Small shrine

Seyed Ismael Zyvan holy shrine: this holy shrine is a graveyard for the Direct ancestor of Imam Musa Al-kadhim and martyrs of Ebrahim Abad people. The best season to visit this place and get the full benefits of its peace is early spring. All the lands there will welcome you by their wildflowers and luscious greenery.