Tehran has a lot of country sides and Ehtesabyeh is among the best ones. Ehtesabyeh is on in north east of Tehran and This zone is among the first districts of Tehran.

Ehtesabyeh is located between Sohanak and Hadiqeh. To be more precise it is exactly 10 kilometers away from east of Tajrish located.  If you really dig deep into the history then you’ll find its original name as “the valley of new rabbits”. This intriguing name comes from the time that breeding rabbits along with growing of agricultural products such as apples, cherries, almond and walnuts were prevalent.

Ehtesabyeh is an elevated area as there are hills and mountainous land-forms. this is one of the sites for camping enthusiast since from there climbers can find routes to Tang-e yurd pick.

Ehtesabyeh district at a glance:
• Geographical position in Tehran: North
• known for: plain lands and top weather quality
• Neighboring districts: Sohanak district, Tajrish district 
• Access to Ehtesabyeh district: Artesh highway
• Subway station: it isn’t available
• Bus station: it is available
• the price range of furnished apartment in Ehtesabyeh: High

Want to go site seeing and have the entire Tehran beneath your feet?

Imagine a wind wave of “new rabbit valley” to your face and seeing exquisite view of Tehran. have a first-hand exposure to the best landscape of Tehran by going to the Roof of Mahak in Ehtesabyeh district.  

  • Roof of Mahak: this site is beside Ardestani street and it is open to you and any other seeker of instant freedom of observing. Roof of Fadak is peaceful and see able for anybody.

Extensive facilities in Ehtesabyeh:

  • State department diplomatic club: this is one of the best banquet halls in the Tehran. This location is designed to serve the important occasions with premium catering services.
  • Shahid Mahalati sports hall : there are two indoor sports hall within Shahid mahalati sports hall and a football grass field. If you desire to improve your fitness then this facility is compact and advance for your needs.


  • Senis café
  • Nado café

Public parks

  • Mother park:
  • Lavan park
  • Aftab park


  • Artesh highway
  • Babai highway

Public transportation

  • Ghaem subway station
  • Mini city subway station
  • Resalat bus line