Ehteshmieh Is a district on the south of Ekhtiarieh in Tehran. Although it is among the expensive areas of Tehran but it is crowded and the weather is not at it’s best quality due t massive flow of car traffics. Ehteshmieh is surrounded by two well-known streets in Tehran- pasadarn and kolahdouze street. These two streets themselves boosted ehteshmiyeh reputation even further. All these parts are considered as well-off areas and you can see So they complement each other in that regards in any case prospective residents may pay more money but it corresponds to the exquisite architecture of this are. Houses have often minimalistic yet very modern and chic layouts.

This district was named after Dr.Ehteshm who originally owned the whole land. Because of his contributions this land was named after him.

Avery different butchery in Ehteshmieh

Farsi food industrial group provides you with innovative prepared kebabs from all around the world. If you want to spend time with you loved ones in the country side of Ehteshamieh then halal meat products gives you divers choices and with that you can definitely impress your friends and family.

Cozy coffee-shops for you in Ehteshamieh district

  • Nana café
  • Qal’eh Sandwich
  • ananda vegetarian restaurant
  • leon restaurant
  • allin Italian restaurants and café

cultural centers

  • Gol afshan gallery
  • Niloufar abai gallery

public transportation

line 225 of bus starting in Tajrish terminal and goes to Dolat districts. There are multiple  stations within Ehteshamieh quarter. For instance, you can get off in Dinajoi bus station or Ghanta cross station.

The closest subway station is Gholhak and you need to pass through Kolahdooz street to reach to Ehteshmihe. So overall subway accessibility is not as convenient as it is expected to be.,

Diplomatic sites

  • Embassy of kazakhestan