Ekhtiarieh name comes from the word “chief authority” in Persian. It definitely suited this district very well at the time. this place used to be a country side for royals such as Moshir od-Dowleh and Mirza Hossein Khan.

If you want to go to ekhtiarieh the fastest rout would be Sadr highway. You reach to the north of ekhtiarieh. If your preferred location is in the west or east then you can go there by following kaveh boulevard and Pasdaran avenue. Lastly if the south of ekhtriareh is your main pined location then go through kolahdouz street.

The best German language institute in Tehran

  • Deutsches sprach institute of Tehran

Looking to join a voluntary charity activity

  • Charity foundation for special diseases

Can’t control your picky sweet teeth?

  • Nakhlak Confectionery

Iranian architect put his award winning design in Ekhtiarieh

  • ekhtiarieh tower

fitness center and public parks

  • Arghavan park
  • Kowsar sport complex
  • Ekhtiarieh complex
  • Arousha women sports complex