Ayatollah kashani boulevard has 5.3 kilometer length and if you want to go from west of Tehran to it’s The westernmost point of Tehran then you need to pass through this long street. The street itself is  intriguing urban combination. It starts with Sadeghyeh second square and continues to shahr-e ziba neighborhood in Tehran. Whiling entering Ayatollah kashani you will encounter superb crowded area and various civic facilities. For instance Estaghlal park is a green space on the corner of this street next to the taxi stations. On the other side you can visit Sepand center and shop. The architecture of Sepand commercial center itself is very compelling since all the floors are connected to each other with round skylights and the outside form this structure is triangle shape combined with front roundness toward the ayatollah Kashani street. If you are a fan of design then look meticulously to the facades of Sepand shopping center.

Ayatollah kashani street is in the District 5 of Tehran. It connects Ashrafi esfahani to the shahran street. Relatively new built sattari highway is in the middle of this street and allows even more access to other parts of Tehran.

On the end of this street, massive plain lands of shahran is flatten. In contrary to what you see in the first parts of Ayatollah kashani street.

Ayatollah kashani district at a glance:
• Geographical position in Tehran: West
• known for: restaurants with garden, commercial centers
• Neighboring districts:  Sadeghiyeh district
• Access to Ayatollah kashani district: Ashrafi Esfahani Boulevard, Ayatollah kashani Boulevard
• Subway station: it is available
• Bus station: it is available
• the price range of furnished apartment in Ayatollah Kashani District : Middle

Outstanding Architecture

One of the most modern masques of Tehran is in Ayatollah Kashani boulevard. It will definitely change your perception of a typical masque structure.

Nezam Mafi Mosque in Ayatollah Kashani District

  • Nezam mafi masque: it is all geometry and there is no way you can find any roundness in Nezam Mafi design. This Very distinguished construction was endowed by Mohamad Reza Nezam Mafi whose grave yard is in the masque itself.

Facilities in Ayatollah Kashani District

enjoy your time and get fit if you happen to be on the Ayatollah kashani street by going to one of the most comprehensive sports complex there.

  • Derafshifar sports complex: Outdoor and indoor sports such as football and bodybuilding have separate sites within this complex. The swimming pool and fitness club is designed to train you from beginner level to champions stages. This complex have all the standards of a professional sport training field

In the middle of Ayatollah kashani boulevard there is another shopping mall. Atrak commercial complex welcomes your presence.

  • Atrak commercial complex: Atrak center’s lively environment will give you even better experience as it has seasonal prizes. While shopping there you can enter the prize drawing and take a chance to win even a car! Within Atrak commercial complex you get to sense coffee and chocolate smell all around since Master chocolate shop has a grand branch there.

Restaurants in Ayatollah Kashani District

  • Big Bang Fast food


  • Farhang park

Public Transportation

  • Sadeghiyeh subway station
  • Bus station