Shahid madani street is located in 7th district of Tehran. previously known as part of Nezam Abad district, chiefly because it was the occupation site for the soldiers of imperial army. It is engaging for you to know that after the revolution and new highway frames municipality decided to change it’s name into shahid madani highway. Ayatollah Shahid madani was a bold figure had influence on the mass movements in the northwest of Iran. he was assassinated by his dissidents  in 1981.

As you can guess shahid Madani street is a conservative district and during the religious months it becomes the main location for the people to attend spiritual ceremonies.

Shahid Madani street from the North is connected to Resalat highway. Descending from there it passes Imam Ali expressway and reaches to Sabalan street. Finally, Shahid Madani ends to Enghlab street

Shahid Madani District at a glance:
• Geographical position in Tehran: East
• known for: Cultural cenetres and amicable solical life
• Neighboring districts: Majidiyeh District
• Access to Shahid Madani District : Emam Ali highway
• Subway station: it is available
• Bus station: it is available
• the price range of furnished apartment in Shahid Madani District of tehran: Middle

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Facilities in Shahid Madani District :

  • Tirajeh 2 shopping center
  • Tirajeh 2 cinema
  • Dayhim sports complex
  • Imam Hussain medical hospital

Restaurants in Shahid Madani district

  • Golchin sandwich
  • Dr Picoo fastfood

Public parks  

  • Park fadak
  • Boostan doostdaran velyat

Public transportation

  • Sabalan metro station
  • Janbazan metro station.
  • Resalat bus station
  • Shahid madani metro station
  • Imam Hussein subway station