Aseman district is urban area built in almost mountainous area. There is a valley in the center of this district famously known as Farahzad valley. Aseman district is a plain and this naturally formed valley brought a very mild and refreshing weather to Aseman district. This location can be divided into two main sections- the west part and the east part. The east part on the right side of Yadegar-e imam highway covers more area in comparison with the west side which is on the left hand of this highway.

East and west of Aseman are part of Same district but they have very diverse urban structure. Ketab Square and sarve street are mainly counted as division of Sadat Abad zone. This part itself is going toward more modern urbanization in contrary to its east neighbor- Taleghni street.

The traffic in this area is moderate and only on the mornings and over the weekend the load of traffic goes higher.

Aseman district at a glance:
• Geographical position in Tehran: North
• known for: luxury apartments, excellent weather
• Neighboring districts: Sa’adat abad, Farahzad
• Access to Aseman district: Yadegar-e emam highway, Hashemi Rafasanjani highway
• Subway station: it is available
• Bus station: it is available
• The price range of furnished apartment in Aseman district in Tehran: High

Residency and demographic in Aseman district

Are you Looking for an unprecedented architecture? then definitely check the urban layout of Sarve street. People on this zone are among the upper class of Tehran and the price range is drastically high depending on the building itself also.

Although The east side of Aseman district have proceeded less in terms of architecture but it’s weather is milder. This is because of its exclusive location toward the Farahzad alley. The wind circulates frequently and the land itself is prone to tree growth. At the end of Taleghni street you will encounter a berry garden which is open to the public.

Prospective commercial center

  • Opal trade center:This trade center is 7216 square meters and it has 9 floors. This commercial center is on the kohestan boulevard in the east of Aseman district. The distinctive feature of opal trade center is it’s cantilever bridge and modern facades. There are a bowling and billiard club in opal trade center. The parking space have capacity of 1800 cars which is very considerable.

opal commercial center

Restaurants in Farahzad valley

  • Mehr-o-mah garden restaurant

Restaurants in the east of Aseman

  • Sepideh traditional restaurant
  • Lord garden
  • Sahra café and garden
  • Gole yakh garden restaurant
  • ATF Italian restaurant