This district has had many historical incidents within itself and many stories lies on each corner of this part of Tehran. From the unnumbered royal gardens to the initial foundation of Britain embassy and events of Iran constitutional movements nearly 110 years ago. Qolhak district is a historical site and a foliage land with unimaginable possibilities.

The name of this district is composed of two words in Persian. The equivalent of that in English is a diminutive pinnacle which resonates well with the uniqueness of this neighborhood.

This district is on the north east of Tajrish– one of the most important district in Tehran.

Dowlat street is an important street in the upper section of Tehran and connects this district to the Darous region.

It is said that once, the initiator of Pahlavi dynasty was passing this land and saw the outstanding potential of Qolhak and ordered the construction of a usable route within span of one day. Following his order Qolhak two-ways was made.

The traditional urban fabrication of this part of Tehran started more than 2 centuries ago. As many notable figures have settled in this part of Tehran, Ahmad Qavam ,a crucial figure in the past century of Iran, had a luscious garden in Qolhak district. In addition to that Britain embassy garden has been located in Qolhak district for more than 100 years ago.

In the adjacency of conventional gardens, modern layout of new apartments and luxury accommodation still can bee seen in this part of Tehran. Qolhak itself is the three-way connectors of Lashgarak and Shemirant in Tehran. All of which are very important districts in Tehran.

  • Qolhak district at a glance:
  • Geographical position in Tehran: North
  • known for: Luxurious accommodation, Great restaurants
  • Neighboring districts: Darous, Tajrish
  • Access to Qolhak district: Shariati street
  • Subway station: it is available
  • Bus station: it is available
  • The price range of furnished apartment in Qolhak district: High

Renting an apartment in Qolhak district

The price range of renting an apartment and other types of accommodations in this northern part of Tehran is above average and in some cases it is high. The value of assets in the Qolhak neighborhood is bounded to various conditions. The reputation of this neighborhood has already elevated the core material and the architecture embodied in the many constructions. A fine example of this is the interior design of shopping centers in Qolhak district which brings the sense of infinity to the local visitors.

What to do if you are in Qolhak district?

Qolhak district landmarks

As being one of the most elegant neighborhoods of Tehran Qolhak still has rural parts in some districts and there are a number of palace gardens. There are embassies in various parts of this zone and over here you can spot enthusiasts, tourists and foreigners very often.

Qolhak gardens a live image of history

Mokhber-ol Saltaneh garden: On the southern part of this neighborhood there used to be a country villa and green land belonging to prime minister of Iran in Reza shah period. Today this garden turned into a public park name Hedayat recreation ground. Part of this garden today is open to the public and Iran poet refurms ( an association for literature) is in this place.

Hesham-o doleh garden: a popular Qajar doctor named Heshmat-o Dole had residency in this part of Tehran and his site of residency was a foliage garden. Nasserdin shah had frequent visits to the garden of this reputable doctor in at the time.

École Française de Téhéran in Qolhak district

British embassy garden: this garden is known as Qolhak garden. This garden is one of the biggest green lands in this neighborhood. Within this part of Qolhak there is École Française de Téhéran and Commonwealth war graves commission cemetery- a grave yard for the British soldier in world war.

Commercial and entertainment centers in these districts

Pardis gholhak cinema: This cinema was founded by two French movie club owners in 1936. Today this 4000 square meter infrastructure in shariati street has other provisions and equipment such as indoor sports facilities, international restaurants, and library.

Qolhak commercial center: this shopping center is moderate yet has a great aura for the social gathering especially in its food court on the ground level. The diversity of cuisines offered by each restaurant is suitable for specific tastes including you! On the upper floors, you can shop a selected range of formal clothing.

Epic restaurants in Qolhak district

Allin Italian Restaurant And Cafe: This Italian restaurant is one of the biggest dining houses in Qolhak district of Tehran. Perhaps the signature meal of this location is Venice lamb steak with roasted side vegetables. However, what catches the eyes is a simple appetizer which is crispy chicken balls with a side of french fries. Allin Italian Restaurant And Cafe has a selected lunch and dinner menu and long encyclopedic options for mid-day beverage drinkers and cake seekers. This restaurant is exactly on Motaqed street.

Dorsa cafe: in the middle of Shariati street, this great cafe serves mouthwatering carrot cake, hot waffles with cinnamon and chocolate ice cream on the top, and stuffed croissants along with a diverse range of herbal tea and coffee options.

Farsi fast food catering: this catering is the busiest restaurant in Qolhak. If you drop by at noon you see the queue of men and women waiting to get their orders. Farsi catering has scrupulosity for every single serving. Here you can order a delicious plate of finger foods, Persian style appetizers, salads and juicy kebabs. The only drawback is that there is no sitting place for the customers to enjoy their food. This restaurant only offers takeaways.

An exhibition of distinctive abstract artworks

Golestan gallery: Lili Golestan Taghavi Shirazi is an Iranian translator who founded Qolestan gallery for the use of the public in 2014. Lili Golestan has an artistic family, a brother who has been a war photographer and a son who is a film producer. Golestan art gallery holds a diverse range of expositions of painting, photography, and sculptures.

Diverse and Intriguing and sites visit

Iran Poets Forum: This association is a seeable site for the literature enthusiast especially Persian poets. The hexagon fountain in the middle of the Iran poets forums and the luscious surrounding resonates with the the essence of distinctive figures in the history of artistic literature of Iran. this unique association is on Dowlat street and visiting this is unregrettable, since you get to know these exclusive figures in person.

German protestant church: This church is on the Sheydai street and on the religious days is open to the protestant Christians.

Public parks in Qolhak district

  • Mohaseel park
  • Persian gulf park

Public transportation in this district

  • Qolhak metro
  • Tajrish metro

Diplomatic centers

  • Embassy of Hungary
  • Embassy of Kazakhstan
  • Embassy of Spain
  • Embassy of Argentina
  • Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan