When you want to travel to Iran and want to keep you budget as tight as possible, hotel apartments are offered to you non-stop! This all because they claim to be cheaper than a regular hotel room, But dont easily compromise since wiser options are out there. Serviced apartment or hotel apartment have more space but harsher chart for independence, privacy and freedom of in-house guests.

hotel apartment in Iran

Reservation rules in hotel apartments

Just take a glance at the various reservation rules each hotel and hotel apartment has. you have to follow the related regulation about the cancellations policy, and pay attention if your reservation is in line with the refundable criteria, double check the age limit of residences and many more things! I mean come on who can go through this head scratching process of calculating the payment for every single person of the family and if you are still lucky and your child is under-aged and you get the happy news that you are free of charge for this one. there are many more regulations fro you to follow, just take a look at the list below:

  • Keeping your pet in hotel apartments is a big NO especially in Iran.
  • Many hotel apartments do not offer parking lot for their long-term guests. We often want to have that independence of driving our own car when we are visiting a city and this is a fault in hotel apartments services.  
  • Smoking is another forbidden law that you should follow. But this is not all! hotel apartment often charges you for smoking and their fine is not digestible at all.
  • You often reserve a hotel apartment though third part website and if anything unwanted occurs, you may discuss your terms of conditions based on the general laws and as if this is not enough you’ll go through a series of mind dizzying conversations that might not give you the out-come you want.  
  • Most of hotel apartments in Iran are Out-dated accommodations-belonging to archaic area! Seriously who wants to spend time in a super old infrastructure.
  • In hotel apartments you only can invite your guest to a designated location such as lobby. it isn’t very convenient is it?  
  • You have to ask for laundry services or go to a separate sector to wash all your clothes. this is not easy at all.
  • The breakfast is mediocre and you can’t expect anything extra or over the top.
  • You can’t share your flat with your mates if you want to.

Prepayment policies in Hotel apartments

  • You have to leave the place on a certain time and day and you’ll be financially punished for each hour of delay. if it’s a departure you have to pay for each hour of extra use and if you arrive late, they don’t compensate anything. What kind of deal is that?  At the end, if not exactly but approximately you pay the price of a regular hotel.

Furnished flats and rentals in Iran

You haven’t run out of choices if you want to have everything in its place and yet fully enjoy your moment in your settlement in Iran.  

  • Prepayment policies are not obligatory in furnished rentals in rent Iran apartment. You pay only if you want to guarantee your residency in one of our luxury apartments in Iran. Otherwise you don’t need to pay anything until you settle in your accommodation.
  • We only pick premium flats and offer excellent luxury furnished apartments, so you won’t face any issues and you don’t have to deal with an eroded accommodation.   
  • The regulations in furnished apartment in Iran are not strict. This means that you can have your close gathering and enjoy your surrounding without worrying about many minor laws set by receptionists.
  • You have fully fitted kitchen in your furnished apartment in Iran, beside that a separate space for laundry and other requirements is available in all properties.
  • You don’t have to compromise your unconditional love for pets when you want to travel in Iran. That’s because furnished apartment have flexible law for them. you can have them on your side while staying in a flat here.
  • You can modify the services you want and none of them are imposed to you. A breakfast based on your diet will be delivered to your door if you wish.
  • any deficiency in your flat can be redesigned and remodeled based on your preferences. We take full responsibility in this regrade.