Passing Tajrish In 1571, Tughril Beg the first of Seljuk empire had symptoms of illness and his immediate escorts recommended him to stay couple days in Tajrdasht because of it’s mild and cold weather. He passed away later. However, his name was put on this area and with tiny modification today it is known as Tajrish in district 1 of Tehran.

The mild weather and fruitful soil of Tajrish made it a recommendable choice for Qajar dynasty. It became a center for business and entertainments for them. Nowadays after more than 150 years, this district has advanced after following those primary practicalities.

Having known about it’s past, the demographic of this area is consist of high-class of Tehran community, yet you can find some slum dwelling here.

This vast zone in the north of Tehran is a touristic site and visitors from all the cities and countries pin it on their map as a must!

  • Tajrish district at a glance:
  • Geographical position in Tehran: North
  • known for: Touristic sites, Amazing weather quality, Luxury apartments
  • Neighboring districts: Niavaran district, Velenjak district
  • Access to Tajrish district: Valiasr street
  • Subway station: it is available
  • Bus station: it is available
  • Furnished apartment price range: High

what to do in Tajrish?

Shop in the old Tajrish bazaar and explore stylish museums

  • Imamzadeh Saleh:  the most popular Shia shrines takes you in and welcomes you with peace and warmth. This place is the graveyard of a direct descendant of Imam Mousa Kazem- 7th leader of 12th Shia Imams. Alongside this holy shrine, many notable figures are buried many of them are politicians of past dynasties.  
  • Tajrish bazaar: Nesting corridor of Tajrish old bazaar fill you with excitement since the shops offer you local snack and fresh fruits from everywhere. Don’t forget to bargain when you are buying a traditional piece since this is the norm and you enjoy a local conversation as well.


  • Sa’ad Abad museum: originally used by Qajar and Pahlavi monarchs, there are 19 sub-palaces and museums within this single complex. while visiting there you can also relish from it’s exclusively crafted garden and unique surroundings.
  • Museum of music: Secrecy of Iranian musical equipment are unveiled in this museum in Tajrish district. The hall is a human size cylinder which gives you a better impression of all the items. Various types of Iranian violins and Santours are shown in this fair and you get to know a brief history of Iranian musicians as well.
  • Iranian art museum garden: designed by an Italian architect for a Toran mohajer Eslami in 1931. Nearly a decade later and this site became a public gallery in which artistic samples are exhibited. In addition to that major landmarks of Tehran are symbolically put in its garden. Therefore you’ll have a worthwhile visit.

Want to try something new in Tajrish?


  • Heeva café kebab: served in copper plates and turquoise bowls, there are modern deconstructed Iranian appetizers like Kashke bademajn and enthralling main courses such as slow-cooked lamb with caramelized onion along with rice in Heeva café restaurant. The rice itself has a unique presentation because you can order your favorite from many- we recommend rice with almond and cranberry.
  • Ash-e Seyyed Mehdi: packed with its loyal customers this restaurants only serve Iranian traditional stews such as Halim and Ash-e Reshte. Considering that the process of making these kinds of food is very time consuming, Seyyed Mahdi ash has kept its reputation successfully because of its consistency each and every day. 
  • Shemroon kebab: the presentation is simple but the portions are big and can serve more than 2 people. The food is served with local dough and pickles.
  • Maya shandiz restaurant: Cesar salad with Gorden blue chicken or roasted potatoes with mushroom sauce and it’s deluxe desserts are just some of the options in Maya Shandiz restaurant in Tajrish. Wish to impress your companies? Go to this restaurant and you won’t regret it because the interior design itself is magnificent.
  • Dejavou café: this restaurant serves it’s food as if it wants to win a Michelin star from each and every customers. The menu is very diverse and dishes from many countries are in there. So if you want to stop by there don’t worry because there will a good choice for sure!
  • Yahya Dizi:  run by an aged man this restaurant is distinctive in every possible aspect. projection of honesty is received everywhere based on how he manages this restaurant. The menu is very simple only omelets and Abgoosht, yet the taste will remain in your mouth longer than you ever expected.
  • Saran Restaurant: looking for the best view of Tajrish? Go to Saran restaurant on Darbandi street and from there you can have a great night or day view.

Commercial centers

  • Tandis commercial center: these four store building was one of the first modern commercial centers in tajrish. Considering its construction dates, it is fair to say that the architects were futuristic as the overall design remain timeless- aluminum composite facade in a nice arrangement can be seen all over the building. The items might not be original but there are many boutiques that provide customers with hand-picked clothing items from different countries.  
  • Arg commercial center: for sure another recent picturesque commercial center design in Tajrish district is Arg mall. the curtain walls on this building hasn’t been done anywhere prior to this.  You will have the most convenient experience in terms of parking and the area itself. On the last floor, there is a broad food court with very diverse range of options.   
  • Ghaem mall: this is one of the oldest malls here that has a traditional setting. This mall is very close to Tajrish bazaar. Over there you can buy clothes with very economical prices contrary to the other two shopping center.

Renovated Astra cinema in Tajrish takes you back to the old days of Tehran!

  • Astra cinema:  there was extensive care for the renovation plan of this cinema. The final design of entrance was influenced by one of the famous street (laleh-zar) in the south of Tehran. This cinema has 740 sits capacity and from an inside perspective, you can’t believe its modernity.  

Wish to track down your fitness by trying an uncommon sport?

  • Fadak rock climbing center: this sports center has advance artificial walls for enthusiasts who pursue rock climbing. Iran has had world champions in this field and you can benefit from this standard facility and professional coach assistant.

Public parks

  • Arezoo park: offers 24 hours parking lot. It is located in the down part of Imam Zedeh Saleh shrine.  

Build in 1969 still an advance hospital for cancer patients

  • Shohadaye Tajrish hospital: the board in this hospital covers many health problems besides cancer-related illness. The emergency ward offers free services to urgent patients.    

Education center

  • Institute for Iranian Contemporary Historical Studies: this institute research about the contemporary history of Iran. And there is a library for the researchers and those who are interested in the history of Iran.

Public parking

  • Tajrish public parking

How to get there by public transportation?


  • Tajrish station
  • Gheytarieh station
  • Sadr subway station


  • Tajrish BRT bus line 7

Embassies in Tajrish district of Tehran

  • German embassy garden
  • Garden of turkey embassy
  • Embassy of the Swiss Confederation
  • Embassy of Kingdom of Belgium