Laleh-Zar district was Once the street in which all the cinema of Tehran were placed. The first movie in the history of Iran was shown in the Laleh cinema. This cinema itself was first inaugurated in 1945 and Prior to that this region was once the place of  Mosafa garden, a Royal garden for the families and a place for the diplomats.

This street is also the birthplace of the first passage of Iran following a western architecture in Tehran.   

Due to the interest of Qajars and the western layout of this street  many other advancements also first started right here. for instance, The first telegram wire of Tehran was initiated in this sub region and since then many things have changed.

The divers desires of the ruling dynasties have changed this part of Tehran very much and today the amount of construction is not very high. Therefore, Laleh-zar has kept its original layout for the most part. At the current period, Laleh-zar district of Tehran is in the 12 district of Tehran, and this district is a chief market for lights and chandeliers and other house decorations.

Typically on a normal day, you can see many people visiting  Berlin alley in Laleh-zar to shop for their ceremonies and buy house appliances. Here you can see many authentic houses which gives you a real sense of past days in Tehran. For instance, Koushk Fakhrodoleh mansion in the adjacency of Laleh-zar street is a fine sample of Qajar schemes and Royal houses.

If you are adventurous and looking for a real hostel experience then you will have an extraordinary sense of belonging in the furnished apartment of this zone in Tehran. As it has a very lively environment and there are many cultural sites and it’s contemporary life is very amicable.

The only disadvantage comes with the current location of this part which is the southern part of Tehran. This section has a heavy load of transportation causing a mild air pollution. Consequently, you will see yourself in the body of the town with cars commuting back and forth in all surroundings.  

Laleh-zar has great landmarks and historical sites for you and it’s certain that you will encounter another face of Tehran-A side that will engage you in the old culture and forms of Tehran.

  • Laleh-zar at a glance:
  • Geographical position in Tehran: South
  • known for: it’s weekly markets and house decoration bazaar  
  • Neighboring districts: Iranshahr
  • Access to Laleh-zar district: Enghelab street
  • Subway station: it is available
  • Bus station: it is available
  • Furnished apartment price range: Low

Where to go in Laleh-Zar district in Tehran?

Amin-ol-Soltan Garden and historical house: This was a location for the crucial decisions of Iran and this mansion belongs to the last prime minister of Iran-Mirza Ali Asghar Khan was the original owner of Amin-ol- soltan mansion in Laleh-zar. The infrastructure of this structure is nearly 9000 square meter and flaunts itself in the middle of Laleh-Zar street. Amin-ol-soltan mansion has a great entering port with detailed work and decoration of red bricks on the cornices over the top. In the yard of this historical building, there is a fountain and old cedars and multiple buildings which were built gradually even after the death of Mirza Ali Asghar Khan. enthralling parts of this building is the meticulous plaster work on the exterior of each building and summer house. Looking at each part and a glance at the ceiling the whole layout will paint a vivid picture of those days for you.

Moshiro doleh mansion: Hassan Pirnia, a prominent Iranian politician, created this triple story mansion in Laleh-zar in 19 century. The deciding material at the time, brick, is used artistically in this wealthy dwelling. The central veranda on the upper story resembles the aristocracy layout that was pervasive in those times. The interior design is unexpected since a monolith wooden works are seen on all over the floors as well as handrails and other exteriors. This mansion is exactly on the intersection of Manoochehri avenue and Laleh-zar.

Jordan church (Église jordanienne): This church was founded in 1945. The name come from Jandark who was a revolutionary character in Crusades and could use his wisdom to win the battles for the French against rebellions of England. In the past, it used to be a place for religious studies and an extensive school was active in this part of Laleh-Zar. Ministry of cultural heritage of Iran registered Jodan church as part of it’s national treasury.

Weekly market-a bazaar of antiques!

Friday market of Laleh zar: From the 10 am to 3 pm on the Fridays the whole vibe of Laleh-Zar street changes and the vendors gather here. It’s a good chance to bargain and buy uncommon items and get the sensation of people in Laleh-Zar Friday market.

Laleh-zar theme restaurants

Ivan Café: Taking a nibble of Pomegranate cheesecake in a Qajar house can be a disparate experience! This cafe is exactly in the font of Moshiro doleh mansion and has a great night view and a tranquil setting.  

Domino fast food in Laleh-zar: looking for a quick meal in the middle of the day? On the  Laleh-zar street domino fast food has the best offer for you.

Shopping malls in the Laleh-zar district

There are many commercials on each step of Laleh-zar, selling a diverse range of clothing and other items. Perhaps the best feature of Laleh-zar is that you get to buy anything you wish for a fairly cheap price.

Ferdowsi shopping center: this mall in the adjacency of Laleh-zar district offers mostly men casual and official clothing.  

Public transportation in laleh-zar district

  • Sa’adi metro station
  • Darvazeh dowlat metro station
  • BRT line 1