While searching for your dream home you always have your personal desires pulsing at back of your mind. For some just having a place near the center of the town and close to the transportation utilities seems a fine option while for many others having  peaceful moment in their personal garden and indoor pool is the ultimate vision.


By now you may have that ideal image of your home and all the details  depending on your personal lifestyles. If you are a person who need her peace and quiet all the time furnished apartments might not be the best deal for your. Instead you’d better go for a partially furnished villa in a calm neighborhood. Additionally a spacious furnished home or villa has that extra space for your family and friend gathering, above all you will have that separate space for you pets without  feeling worried.

All of these are just finer features of furnished homes in Tehran and that’s not to say that having social gathering in an furnished apartments complexes. That’s not the case. Fully furnished villas provide that extra entertaining space.

Cost/ expense of furnished apartment in tehran versus furnished House

There are various sort of expense and cost that you have to add up to your list of renting a place depending on the neighborhood you choose. It is important to consider some of these ahead of time so you have full understanding of each step. Each utilities in an apartment can have separate billing option such as heat and electricity and extra parking lot.

Here on rent Iran apartment if you opted for our fully furnished apartment or villas with a complete service you are free of any daily chore for your furnished flat. For detailed information about the cost check this post.


After choosing your neighborhood possibly the most important factor is the amount of square footage of you prefer for your furnished flat. The number of family or friends is the the first thing you should have in mind when you want to choose a furnished flat in Tehran. A villa with full benefits offers more safe space for the fragile members of the group or family.  On the other hand if you can manage dividing space in a furnished studio with your family member or friends then renting one is the appropriate choice for you.


There is no doubt that there are many accommodation option in the Tehran for you. Many of which Can boast extreme possibilities and extra parking lots. For instance many may have entertainment as well as guest room and private gyms and playground. These might not be necessary if you choose your location wisely. You can get familiar with districts of Tehran and use the amenities in then neighborhood.

Short term apartment rentals in Tehran

Planning your big move to a luxury district of Tehran and can be daunting vision, Especially if you are not familiar with the prices and the process of renting a flat in Iran. Here we have the full transparency when it comes to leasing furnished apartments and houses in available cities of Iran.

If you are considering to have couple weeks or perhaps months of unwinding time in Iran’s capital city, put furnished luxury apartments  of Tehran on the list of your top choices. Why? Because available short term furnished rentals on rentiranapartment are affordable, secure and convenient. above all as long as you can have that visionary experience of residency and stay on the top of your finances then we acquired your trust and made your experience incredibly rewarding. This is the ultimate goal for rentiranapartemnt agency.