Elizabeth boulevard of Tehran today is known as Keshavarz street. This street is in the 6th district of Tehran. The second name came from the ministry of agriculture which was near this boulevard.

The best features of this street are its straight river right in the middle, and it’s the miniature size park along the river.  

The active social residents of this area are mostly students and university lecturers as well as ministry employees. Since it is a crowded neighborhood with mildly polluted air, it has a lower price rate in comparison with zones in the first or second district of Tehran.

Bolvar Keshavarz starts from Dr.qarib street on the west and continues to the valiAsr square. From the north toward the south, it has a direct route to 16 Azar and Felestin street in Tehran.

Boulevard Keshavarz is a touristic site, as you can see many interested visitors all over the street. if you are one of them then reconsider your travel plans and book a furnished apartment on Keshavarz Boulevard and the surrounding neighbors.

  • Keshavarz at a glance
  • Geographical position in Tehran: Center
  • It is known for: Art galleries and Museums 
  • Neighborhood districts: Sazman Ab
  • Access to Keshavarz boulevard : North Kargar street
  • Subway station: It is available
  • Bus station: It is available
  • Furnished apartment price range: Middle

What do to in Keshavarz boulevard?

Art galleries the spirit of Keshavarz Boulevard

On this boulevard and in the adjacent neighbors there are countless art galleries each one dedicated to a specific artist or work of art. Explore them one by one while strolling on the pedestrians. 

  • Man art gallery: This art gallery is on the corner of Golriz alley on the Keshavarz Boulevard. Often have independent shows for the students and artist.     
  • Silk Road Gallery – Park Laleh: see a comic side of Iranian culture in this gallery since many of it’s temporary showcases are caricatures and comics. Silk road galley in the south of Laleh park on Keshavarz Boulevard has exclusive displays throughout the year. Make sure to check it’s monthly programs and drop by!

A nostalgic cinema in this region

  • Boulevard cinema: this is another old cinema in Tehran. However, it’s show calendar is one of the most up-to-date schedules! There is a coffee shop upstairs in which you can enjoy beverages and meals. Drift in for a movie and hot popcorn in your free times.

From customary dining houses to stylish café

  • Setareh Boulvar Restaurant: live music is the essential free item of this restaurant. More than that Setareh Boulvar food presentation is matchless. Why? Because here the food is served in a carve copper plate as if you were a guest in the ancient Persepolis! There are many side dishes around your main course, on top of that rice is prepared individually so that you have that Scorched Iranian rice on your plate.
  • Sika fast food: Crispy tender chickens and mushrooms are the trendy choices of Sika fast-food restaurant on Keshavarz Boulevard. The eating area is commodious and calm. Desired a good Kentucky chicken then don’t stay at home and give this a go!
  • 13 café: Art on the walls and on the plates! 13 café is on the second floor and over there you have a nice view of Keshavarz Boulevard. The chef and staffs give you good explanations and they put a lot of care into the garnishment of each plate. Best time to enjoy this place is autumn because of the harmonious tree view in front of you.
  • Naghsh Vesal Coffee Shop: walking to an old home you don’t even contemplate once that this might be a restaurant, but once you step inside you are surprised by the amount of greenery in your surroundings. drinks and brunch and omelets are served in wooden plates. The menu is encyclopedic! There are many options for herbal teas and famous Italian foods. Besides the extensive menu of brunch and desserts.

Extensive public park the core of Keshavarz boulevard

Laleh park: Looking for a refreshing play of badminton? Visit its courts on the back of the park or in the center parts. this park was constructed in 1966 there are old silver cedars and acacia all around the park. In The south of the park, there are Japanese style fountains. Water in this eastern culture is the opposite of stone and they complete on another. Therefore, as you can see over each diminutive lake in Laleh park there is a symbolical stone bridge. In addition to these elements park manly designed based on conventional Iranian gardens. For instance, you can see an artificial river that streams on different levels in the main part of Laleh Park.

within this park, there are many works of art from notable sculptors of the world such as Germany, Swiss, Britain, Italy, Belgium, Spain, united states and Iran.

On each day of the week, you can see specific sports groups come to Laleh park to have a practice session.

Exceptional business school on Keshavarz Boulevard

Institute for Trade Studies and Research: this institute was founded in 1980 with the aim of gathering analytical data and execution of independent researches about Iran as well as worldwide trade circumstances. A significant part of this establishment is its center of Business Education 

Distinguishing Private hospital

Sasan hospital: this hospital has modern wards, equipment, and medical surgery facilities. This private hospital has diligent staffs and you can book an appointment just by visiting its website.             

Pars hospital: this private medical center on Keshavarz Boulevard has a specific division for international patients. The staff in this part are fluent in English and Arabic and their expertise has gone through a selective process in order to guarantee the best health service for visitors

Remarkable medical center for disables

Iran Rehabilitation: Emotional care and profound understanding for disables are just a part of services offered in this center. Regular patients of Iran rehabilitation center are unwell people who have experienced brain damages, as a result, they have obstacles to talk or walk. This center gives them care and provides solutions following their needs.  

Public transportation

Vali-asr bus line passes from the north part of this boulevard. And the closest accessibility to metro is Meydan-e valiasr station