Velenjak district is situated in the most northern part of Tehran. This part of the city is famous for being the lofty roof of Tehran. In this affluent district of Tehran, you see many mansions and manors as well as skyscrapers and duplexes.

One of the reasons why velenjak is the best neighborhood for renters is that it houses over 1500 available deluxe apartments and most of them are newly made and highly modern, beside all that jazz we love this neighborhood for its unique restaurants, uncommon urban outline and its great climate.

Velenjak district is replete with numerous well-cherished seeable sights and landmarks. The vibrant atmosphere of Velenjak district is unlike any other districts in Tehran.

The best part of velenjak is that you can get to downtown with multiple access routes and highways. Many lavish sport centers and commercial center are in this part of Tehran.

Though the rents are high depending on the type of accommodation you choose, you can adjust the pricing of accommodations in Velenjak district. You may ask how high are the initial cost of renting a flat in this part of Tehran? And whether you are choosing the right apartment? Well if you want to buy an apartment in velenjak district of Tehran you are expected to pay around 50 million tomans for each square meter in 2019. This price tag is a bit rough and tough to be fair! What’s the solution if you want to have that luxury experience around your budge yet don’t compromise any provisions?

With the available services on rent Iran apartment you can choose one of the best furnished apartments in this area. This district is an appealing place for both executives and families and Perhaps for many the distinguishing feature of velenjak is its exquisite view of Tehran and amazing modern apartments with desirable facilities.

Many amenities to choose from for your rental flat in Velenjak district

There are for sure many amenities to choose between endless options that are offered to you. Let’s see a famous residential apartment in the Velenjak district so that you have that as example in mind and build up your image from there.

Baharan residential complex a Luxurious apartment in Velenjak

Baharan residential complex in velenjak district

Baharan residential complex in velenjak district has 1040 square meter foundation. There is a roof garden on the top-a place to relax and unwind. There is skylight on the mutual roof top that separate the northern apartment unit from the southern ones. The designer of this complex is Mohamad Reza Nikbakht who is famous for being the architect of details. The lodge area followed a Spanish style as the color scheme of this residential complex has clay and earthing toning. This layout in contrast with the rich blue color of sky created a surreal combination.

Baharan residential complex in velenjak district

The entrance is a compelling choice since there is a bridge on your way of entering the main lobby. The main lobby has minimalist style with liner furniture in two compartments on the right side of this part of apartment. The option of a refreshing morning swim gives a dramatic and tranquil experience to the contemporary residents of Baharan residential complex in the Velenjak district. This diversity and care is rarely experienced in common place in Tehran. Residents certainly will enjoy the communal terrace which has a Spanish exterior design with embossed patterns. This scheme and style gives a vibe of villa houses in a Mediterranean location. If you desire a similar experience learn more about the price range of furnished apartment-a great alternative to purchasing in this district.

Baharan residential complex in velenjak district

Renting price for 1, 2- and 3-bedroom furnished apartments in Velenjak district

Likewise, other districts of Tehran 1-bedroom furnished apartment in Velenjak tend to be much cheaper. The average monthly cost for a furnished apartment in velenjak starts from 750 dollars. Comparatively in a less expensive area this price dwindles, but remember a shorter stay in one of the flats in velenjak will charge you less. Expectedly the 2-bedroom furnished apartment in velenjak has the price point of 1000 dollars and more depending on the extra option you want. Finally, 3-bedroom rental apartment price range in this area will start from 1500 dollars and higher.

On rent Iran apartment you rent a furnished apartment in a district such as velenjak through an individual management so your expenses are lower that what you expect.

For better and more user-friendly price range follow the tips below so that you can book the perfect accommodation in Tehran.

Choose when to rent furnished apartments in Velenjak district

If you can have the time flexibility it’s better to choose your location a couple months before and try to move in, in the cold season of the year. That’s because during the warm season the price of furnished rentals goes up noticeably. So, you’d have a better price range if you search for a flat in off seasons. 

Have your documentation ready

Preparing the most common requirements will save you a lot of energy and time, and you’ll find out the next step with more ease. In this case make sure you have a proof of your income as well as passport and id card. A good tip is to stick to one third of your monthly income when you want to select a furnished apartment in the Velenjak district. Choose a precise area in velenjak and double check facilities you want in the occasion then hand out your documentation.

What to know about velenjak apartment rentals before you sign it?

Do read the contract prior to everything. Every contract specifies what roles every landlord has, including the hidden rules about the maintenance. For instance, in what case the landlord will provide repairment or extra amenities if they need any of. On the other hand, the bilateral responsibility of renter is specifically mentioned.

If any issues occur the contract will be the first thing to review by a third party. the purpose of that would be to determine if the agreement followed a proper procedure or not. This is why it is very crucial to read the contract beforehand and make sure about every single article noted on the settlement.