Towhid is between 2 and 6 districts. In the past, it used to be a campus for the Russian occupants during the Russo-Persian War of 1826–28 which started in Tabriz. Here in Towhid district of Tehran, two streets were named after two national commanders whose contribution of preventing further invasion was significant. Those figures are Sattar Khan and baqir khan. These streets are on the northern ends of Towhid district in Tehran.

In the era of Pahlavi, this district was called Baq-e shah. However, after the land reformation and segregation of this part, the name eventually changed into Towhid.

The social stratification of Towhid is diverse, as a minor Jewish community still reside here. Turks and people from Yazd and Isfahan live here as well as other ethnicity.

From the north, this district starts with Chamran highway right in the intersection of Sattar Khan and Golbarg streets and It ends in Jomhouri square.  

  • Towhid at a glance:
  • Geographical position in Tehran: west of Tehran
  • It is known for: good restaurant and cultural programs
  • Neighborhood districts: Sattar Khan
  • Access to boulevard Towhid: Yadegar-e Emam expressway
  • Subway station: it is available
  • Bus station: it is available
  • The price range of furnished apartment in Towhid District : Middle

What to do in towhid district?

The current of movement in this district is distinctive. Towhid region is a zone that never sleeps. Here we introduce some outstanding restaurants and important centers in this medial part of Tehran.

Biggest portions of food in your life!

  • Bomb Mehran Fast food: on the southwest of Towhid square Bomb Mehran fast food has the most outrageous food portions you could ever imagine! If you can read Persian then take a look at its menu. There is humorous twist in the options’ name. Take mortar bomb hotdog as an example! it is a giant sandwich with as many ingredients as possible. The kitchen has a double open side and over there you can watch your food preparation. The only drawback is its crowdedness and limited sitting tables. But early bird catches the best place right?!

Original Iranian broths and slow-made Ash in Towhid

  • Alibaba Āsh:  Sour and Savory or Pungent which one is your desirable taste? Āsh a classic Iranian dish has divergent kinds. Each one of them takes a lot of time to prepare. But don’t worry! If you are in Towhid district of Tehran, Alibaba Āsh above Kalhor street serves you a well-prepared bowl of Ash. Although it seems to be a small place, depending on the religious seasons, it’s menu differs and the small number of staffs endeavor to give you the best food. thus don’t underestimate Alibaba Āsh!  

Get your dessert here!

  • Bahar Traffic:  Ma’joon? sound strange to you? This dessert tower is an Iranian mixture made of ice cream, nuts, pistachio cream, banana, pineapple, chocolate sauce, and jelly. The best one with highest quality is served in Bahar traffic below Azadi street. Pistachio cream smoothie can be customized based on your desire. Bahar traffic also adds a piece of red velvet or chocolate cake to the top of that if you wish.     

Scrumptious kebabs and morning Halim

  • Kheirkhah Halim: don’t get entangled in the tedious hours of early weekend mornings. Instead, think about a bowl of Halim from Kheirkhah Halim. The chef in this restaurant on Towhid is very generous with turkey meat and he prepares a delicious meal for early hours of your day!

Pioneering nursing school of Iran in Towid square

  • Nursing And Midwifery School, Tehran University Of Medical Science: Founded in 1949 each year around 120 students are selected to study here.    

Avant-garde organization for prodigies

  • Iran’s National Elites Foundation: Under the delicate considerations of this center, Iranian residents who have exceptional talents are supported. The national elite foundation identifies INEF members based on their personal achievements and gives them many preeminent opportunities. These include sabbatical studies found for researches and awards to independent scientific findings. The membership of this organization is highly valuable since countless joint programs are offered to associates. The architecture of Iran National Elites foundation is distinguished as you pass Towhid cross with Azadi street you may see a cylinder shape structure with monolith curtain-walls all around the exterior side.                          

A leading edge society for the deaf in Towhid

  • Iran Society Of Deaf People family: having had its initial steps in the 19th century by Jabbar Baghtcheban who invented the Persian language cued speech. Since then this center became highly advanced, covering all the needs of the deaf community in Iran. A diverse range of programs and gatherings in this association aids those who need it and also their families. even If you are a strong supporter of sports, you can take part in Iran society of deaf organization, thus many domestic and international competitions in many sports are being held for deaf community. Favoring them whenever possible can be a very fulfilling activity. This site is located on Azadi street beside Towhid metro station.  

How to commute there by public transportation?

  • Joumhouri BRT line 4
  • Towhid metro station