Habibollah is in the second and fifth district of Tehran and to be precise this region is exactly on the Akbari abad street. the vicinity neighborhood is the called Habibollah and Salehi boulevard in the southwest of Tehran.

This zone is encompassed by Yadegar Emam highway on the right and Akbari boulevard on the left. Habibollah is precisely situated on the south of Teymoori square. And the whole region is on the northwest side of Azadi street.  

The amount of green space allocated to this area is around 640.000 square meter. This number of parks in Habibollah, particularly in the west section of Tehran is drastic.   

Notable educational center of Iran are mostly in this zone. Other than that, there are various governmental and private companies in the second and fifth zone of Tehran. Therefore, it can be proposed that Habibollah is a proper site for similar activities.

Habibollah crowdedness is moderate. However, occasionally you see hectic traffic on the main routes, especially during the early mornings and afternoon. Above all this area has assuring safety and the general public outlook toward this zone is affirmative.

The climate in the Habibollah is often warmer than other locations in Tehran. Since it is in the southern section of the city. 

if you are considering to relocate, bear in mind the distinguishing feature of this neighborhood which is it’s moderate expenses. The price range of this neighborhood for temporary residences such as foreigners and enthusiasts is more reasonable.

  • Habibollah district at a glance:
  • Geographical position in Tehran: Center
  • It is known for: Leading educational sites and landmarks
  • Neighborhood districts: Teymoori district, Tarasht district
  • Access to Habibollah district: Azadi street, Habibollah street
  • Subway station: it is available
  • Bus station: it is available
  • the price range of furnished apartment in Habibollah district: Middle

Culture and contemporary life in Habibollah district

Presence of student lives in this district created a zesty environment as result more start-ups and corporations willing to settle here. Overall due to the presence of mass job hunters in Habibollah , similar to other central locations in Tehran, the friendliness of this neighborhood for the newcomers is more than it’s hostility.

Where to visit if you are in this area?

Historical location

  • Tomb of Sheikh Tarashti: Sheikh Abdullah Tarashti a great scholar in safavid dynasty is buried in this neighborhood. If you are keen on to see a holy shrine architecture from Safavid dynasty, it would be an enthralling choice to visit Tomb of Sheikh Tarashti in the middle of Akbari boulevard in this region. Chief material used in this historical place is brick and stone as these were the common base at the time. One thing you need to take a look at while visiting this site is the terrific arrangement of these materials. they create a compelling visual exterior for the shrine.
Tomb of Sheikh Tarashti in Habibollah district

The Top-ranked higher education university of Iran is in Habibollah region

This pioneering university at the core of Habibollah created an intellectual environment for a variety of training institute and workshops in this zone. For instance, each year many startups and dynamic recruiting exhibitions are held in this area. It can be a diverse experience to take part in one of them

  • Sharif University of technology: Having 13 faculties and many sophisticated laboratories, this university is definitely a frontier in breaking the barriers of knowledge in the world. The campus itself is drastically extensive. Multiple faculties and sports complex alongside particular research institutes are constructed within the sharif university campus.

Infrastructure in Habibollah district

Once you chose your preferred furnished apartment in this part, you can have adequate access to a variety of transportation utilities such as subway and city buses. One of the most accessible vehicles in Habibollah is BRT line 1 in the middle of Azadi street. This line starts in the Azadi main bus station and continues to the east of Tehran. Faster public transit is available via subway. You can use either Habibollah or Moeen metro stations.

The main roads in this area are well-constructed yet alleys can be challenging sometimes. Especially if you want to have multiple parking lots. Thus look for those furnished suits that offer you enough space for your personal vehicles.

Facilities in this neighborhood

It is out of expectations to the find top restaurant in this area. However, if you merely looking for a convenient food then Saeed fast food features all the usual suspects and few surprises such as massive cheese and fries combo with bacon.

  • Saeed Fast Food: this fast food restaurant is on Toos street. popping in this restaurant and you never regret the price you pay, since everything is economical.

Grocery markets

Good news is that two chain stores with a suitable range of items are available in the area. Depending on your specific needs you can go to one of these two chain stores in this part of Tehran.

  • Hyperstar Market: This store has a comprehensive range of home goods and groceries. Hyperstar chain store is on the Ostad Moeen street in Akbar Abadi.  
  • Ofogh Kouroush store: If better price tags are what you care for, definitely go to Ofogh Kourosh on the Aran street

Governmental offices and companies

  • Insurance agency of military.
  • Iran Khodro car service
  • Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran