Gandi district is a neighborhood close to vanak square of tehran. This street is parallel with jordan street  and was named after Mahatma Gandhi- the great revolutionary character in India. This street starts from Haghani highway and ends in the Vozara street and it is the 3rd district of tehran.

Gandi region is in the upper part of tehran center. And over here there used to be many villa houses and old style apartments. However, with the wave of crowdedness and attraction of population only a handful of houses kept their original layout.  You can see them in the middle of Gandi street at the end of alleys.

With the same reasons the climate in this region does not have the very high quality you may wish for. yet everything in this part of the city is mild. Therefore, you don’t experience any severe winter or summer.

The resident of Gandi district aren’t new to this neighborhood and they have had long-term residency here. However, considering all the current constructions that is on the run for this neighborhood you can for sure find a cutting-edge flat with extensive facilities.

This stylish street is center for many corporates and governmental offices. Even the national broadcasting network of Iran is on this part of Tehran. Therefor, you can confirm its available standards for business development and further growth of corporations.

Other than business development targets, Gandi street is a suitable place for temporary and permanent residency. The furnished apartment and real estate in this part of tehran follows it’s unique urban layout and modern urban construction allows you to freely choose based on your budget and your preferences.

  • Gandi district at a glance:
  • Geographical position in Tehran: center
  • It is known for: Restaurants and cafes
  • Neighborhood districts: Tavanir, Jordan
  • Access to Gandi district: Valiasr street, Vozara street
  • Subway station: it isn’t available
  • Bus station: it isn’t available
  • The price range of furnished apartment in Gandi district : Middle to High

Where to visit in Gandi district?

Get a taste of Arabic and French cuisines

Liv Restaurant: the main hall of this restaurant is a circular passageway following  the corridor of Arabic palaces. Choosing to sit in this part of restaurant and you’ll encounter the eye-catching entrance that is embellished with frames of Persian calligraphy. The white and golden theme liv restaurant has doubled the theme of luxury within restaurant.  Different compartment of the restaurant is a correspondent to the desires off dinners in all of the season. Whether you visit this place on the winter of in the summer you can enjoy the outdoor and indoor weather equally. The menu itself is innovative and enthralling for those who wish to have a unique experience. Each plate is designed with extensive care and it’s subtlety doesn’t seem a lot at all.

Guests can  spend An ideal evening in cozy lounge while having  nimble from stylish fruit plate, coffee and even order a pineapple hookah. This restaurant is on the sharif street

Mid-day deliciousness will become your all-time favorite of this street  

One thing is certain! we know that gandi will put the sparkle of enthusiasm for one-of-kind desserts in you.

Langine Cafe & Restaurant: french toasts, cinnamon rolls and nutella-caramel shake with huge portion of Waffle dangling from the sides are just couple of available options on the menu of Langine cafe and Restaurant.  

Gandhi Bakery: At the end of the passage on the corner of 22 street on gandi there is a passage. You don’t look for a pastry shop but as soon as you pass this part of gandi street you unexpectedly sense the smell of salty pastries and this alone will take you in the gandi bakery. This bakery has a long-term record of freshly make danish sweets and pastries. The dedication of creating a fresh sweet will ensure that you will come back here soon.

American and Italian cuisines  

Dinaro Restaurant:the low luminous environment will infuse the sense of intimacy and coziness in Dinaro restaurant on  the 4th street in gandi. Pizza, steak and burgers are the offers on the menu but you don’t see anything typical about this restaurant since each portion of  food comes on a rectangle plates with many side dishes such as salad and fries.

Genuine Persian food in Alighapoo in Gandi

Alighapoo Restaurant:Wall painting of shahnameh, world known epic myth of  ancient persia, are on the surrounding. detailed work on the tiles and porcelain enamels in the kitchen ancient samovars on the edge of the counter provides a real sense of authenticity.

Facilities in Gandi district

Gandi shopping mall on the south part:  At the end of this street in Tehran you can find trile tower below which there are multiple restaurants, pastries and diminutive yet very cozy cafes.    


  • Sina Medical Clinic: This medical center has adequate facilities to treat minor health issues with it’s expert team. This medical center is on the sanai street on the other side of gandi street.

Public transportation

Here in Gandi street the only available public transportation is taxi. We recommend you to use this option if you prefer to not to use your personal vehicle.

  • Taxi stations in the two end of Gandi street
  • Vanak taxi station

Governmental center and important corporate offices  

  • Snapp Drivers Services Office
  • Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting TV 2
  • Razi Insurance Company