Qeytariyeh appellation is conjoined with the monolith luscious garden in this region of Tehran. This district used to be a wide arboretum.  Qeytairyeh garden was a foliage land filled with acacia, oak and silver cedar. The history allocates the ownership of this site to Mirza Ali Asghar Khan Atabak– the last prime minister of Iran in Qajar dynasty. The national cultural center within this park precedently was a palace built by Amin Al-Soltan.

The later ancestor of him endowed this garden to the public in 1973. In the following years this land became the bed for the construction of a park influenced by the architecture and the layout of Japanese and Chinese gardens. Nearly 20 years ago the authorities opened this site for the locals to use.

This phase opened a new range of opportunities for the residency of more people in the Qeytarieh district and since then many exorbitant apartments and country style villas have been built in this region of Tehran. Qeytariyeh district is exactly on the north of Tehran, on the right side of Tajrish– one of the most touristic sites in this city.

In Qeytariyeh surely you’ll find many types of luxury apartments as they are modern, chic and expensive, thus these require tenants to have plenty of disposable income.

Renting a short term furnished apartment in Qeytariyeh would be a great choice, if you are on a business trip or wish to visit the surroundings. Villas and apartments in Qeytariyeh have great amenities such as pool, car park, and 24 hour security. so this would be a great option for those who want to get a chance to experience this part of Tehran. The homogeneity of the permanent residence in this part of Tehran is another affirmative factor meaning that almost every one who dwells here comes from the elite class of society.  

The access to this luxury district of Tehran is possible via multiple routes and highways in Tehran, you can pop in this compelling district by Shariati highway and Sadr expressway.

  • Qeytariyeh district at a glance:
  • Geographical position in Tehran: North
  • known for: luxurious flats and setting, accessible high-end infrastructure
  • Neighboring districts: Tajrish district
  • Access to Qeytariyeh district: shariati street, sadr expressway
  • Subway station: it is available
  • Bus station: it is available
  • The price range of furnished apartment in Qeytariyeh District: High

What to do in Qeytariyeh district?

The exquisite commercial centers in this part of Tehran are the constant reminiscent of upscale and flaunting features of this neighborhood.The measurement of this district required a carefully tailored infrastructure compatible with the appeal of Qeytariyeh zone.

sana comercial center in Qeytariyeh district

Sana Shopping Center: This commercial center is one of the largest and most modern malls in Tehran. This shopping center is one of the most prestigious centers in Iran capital city.  A tube shape cafe on the ground floor serves diverse range of foods in an exorbitant setting for the visitors. On the top story of Sana mall a roof garden with spiral mini pools- surrounded by uncounted shrubs is open to the enthusiasts. One of the eye-catching dining styles on this food court is Persian food buffet in which you see a massive steel pot of stupendous Iranian meal such as baghali-polo and zereshk polo. You effortlessly can order food from one of the restaurants on the food court on this floor and enjoy the view.  

Sana food court in Qeytariyeh district of tehran

The whole structure of Sana Shopping Center has cylinder form with a central part leading to the breathtaking skylight. This wide glass ceiling injects natural lights inside. within Sana commercial center all the prevalent and well-known brands are present assuring a distinguished purchasing experience for everyone.

Andarzgoo shopping mall: On the upper side of Qeytariyeh park another commercial center is located. This mall is comparatively smaller. However, it more accessible than the previous one for a quick shop. As hyper market with extensive range of grocery items is on the ground level of Andarzgoo shopping mall. This mall is on the Saba boulevard.

On point restaurants in Qeytariyeh district

Asil restaurant: colorful arrangement of rice topping with juicy kebabs all over the plates with the company of many side dishes. The whole setting is gleaming and the black marble reflects the light more than anything. With turquoise and gold embellishments all around. If you look meticulously you see diminutive Persian touches and decorations on tables and walls, almost everywhere!

Gumbi Restaurant: This restaurant is a personal intake of non-classy fast food with an exciting tap of creativity. This restaurant has a menu particularly for breakfast and a designated menu for the dinner and lunches.

Döner Garden: this Turkish restaurant is on the east Soleimani street in Qeytariyeh district. From what you guess the specialty of this restaurant is it’s Döner sandwiches. Each portion comes with an individual fresh salad on the side. The beverages in this restaurants are made on the spot so you’ll get a tasty lemon mint mixture or conventional Iranian saffron drink beside your main meal. Döner garden gives you the experience of biting a sandwich in middle of a minimalistic and unique greenery.This restaurant has two stories the upper floor has a more relaxed setting

San marco ice cream: This Italian ice cream shop is on the Qeytariyeh boulevard. If you are craving a spiraling scoops of super fruity ice cream try San Marco which is one of the best delight shops in Tehran.

Permanent art galleries in this region

Aliha gallery: In a more distant location on the upper side of this district Aliha gallery, a gallery dedicated to various fields of art, is located. You can check their website to see its current running exposition.

Available Public transportation in this district

  • Qeytariyeh metro station
  • Sadr subway station  

Diplomatic centers

  • Embassy of the Republic of Finland