Because of the adjacency of natural recreational centers to the punak district in the old days this zone was mainly used as entertainment center for many who wanted to spend quality time in the nature.

That natural foliage today is changed into public parks. Looking at the punak you’ll find many public sites to spend time in the peaceful environment. The well-known example of this are Nahj al-Balagha park and Farahzad in the northern part of this neighborhood.

If you came across the idea of traveling to Iran, particularly Tehran you must have heard of Tehran grand bazaar. It is one of the chief centers of trade and has had great impact on the expansion of this crowded city. Similarly in the west of Tehran exactly in the 1997  an ambitious project came to life. Boostan commercial center become the center for the further growth of this neighborhood.

The rate of construction in this area is very high and the lass of buildings in this area is very new, consequently, it has the soaring percentage of property deals. Within Punak there are 22000 people and is located in district 2 and 5 of Tehran.    

This long rectangle of Punak is bounded by Abshernassan expressway on the north by Hahsemy Rafsanjani highway and South Hemmat highway

On the other side, it is surrounded by Ashrafi Esfahani street is on the west and Nahjol Balaghe park and Farahzad valley.

  • Punak district at a glance:
  • Geographical position in Tehran: West
  • It is known for: Commercial and cultural sites
  • Neighborhood districts: Sadeghyeh
  • Access to Punak district: Ashrafi esfahany street
  • Subway station: it is not available
  • Bus station: it is available
  • The price range of furnished apartment in punak: Middle to High

Does punak have ideal living conditions?

The answer for this before anything is related to your personal taste, but If you ask about the availability of amenities in this north western zone of Tehran we can tell you that everything will be in your hand with much of difficulty.  

The diversity in the site of Tehran is unbelievable as even many business headquarters do reside in this part. So any kind of infrastructure you look for can be easily found here.

Another contributing factor is that the density of population in punak is not as much it is in the central section of Tehran or southern sides. Do the expectancy of peaceful scenery is valid here.

The last thing that come to mind and is the traffic load in divers routes of going to punak  and exiting from it. Due to popularity of public transportation specially bus, the distribution a of private vehicle is acceptable. You only experience route blockage in certain hours of the day and limited periods at night.  

Overall the urban configuration punak district is relatively new. The majority of structure in punak have followed the important criteria of constructions, such as residency to earthquake.  

Most go sites in punak district

Historical shrine in the upper side of punak

  • Eynali and Zeynali Imamzadeh: This holy shrine was made in 1958 with the order of Fath-Ali Shah Qajar and this polygon shaped graveyard is the eternal site of two of Shia leaders ancestors who were murdered centuries ago. In the center of this yard, there is an aged tree which oozes bloody resin during some particular days. Believer considers this natural phenomenon as some sort of mourning for the horrific death of Imam Hossein and also the forever dormant of this place.   

Public parks with individual pergolas and jubilant food

  • Nahj al-Balagha park: This park was opened to the public in 2009. Ten years later in 2019 this park has expanded in two designated sections. If you are looking for absolute suitable site to go for a walk or do collective sports, Nahj al-Balagha park can be the perfect choice for you.

Restaurants in Punak district

  • Garden saba: This garden is a suitable reservoir for those who are looking to get separated from the city crowdedness. Within this restaurant garden you get to choose between a modern tent and glasshouse and you can spend a joyful evening in the cheerful and airy space. Garden saba is located on the chahar bagh street.  

Mushroom bites in a Summer outdoor space

  • Lio café: Sun shine is what you are offered extensively if you pick out this café to try out. The in the lio café has partially followed Italian cuisines. Moreover, it brunch menu as well as unbelievable range of café and desserts on the side.

Ravioli buried in sauce and Parmesan

  • Sophia Italian Restaurant: the founder of this dining house has endeavored to give a new definition to the fine art of  Italian  culinary skills. The pizza you order in this restaurant is baked in oven and the fire of coal. Panini as appetizer and stakes are among other options you find delivered with care.  

super chocolaty desserts right here

  • Natali confectionery and café: This confectionery is on the ground floor of a Gothic style structure above Punak square. If you are craving chocolate tarts and soft red velvet cakes check Natali café as over there each piece of pastry is made daily with great care and compelling creativity.          

Higher education centers in this zone

  • Islamic Azad Universitythe central branch

How to go around in the punak area?

Consider public transportation when you are visiting or temporarily living in the Punak area. The BRT line Bus is lengthy and it starts from Azadi square and ends in the Islamic Azad University of research and science branch in the northernmost point of Punak zone.

Another until possibility is the use of cabs that are located in the three corners of Punak square. The only deficiency can be its far distance from the subway station.

  • Ashrafi Esfahani bus BRT line
  • Pounak cab station