Mint an industrial facility in which coins are formed and produced is a unique setting, isn’t it? From hammering to the milling and the import of Multiple manufacturing machines, as well as casting, the start of modern mass production of the coins were started by the order of Nasseredin shah. He decided to renovate the entire infrastructure by purchasing new machinery from France. The chief location of coin manufactory was Shriati street. this specific location is at the beginning of Pasdaran district. Today this part of tehran is know as Zarab khane which means the place of making golden coins. 

This triangle shape sub-region is on the right side of Pasdaran avenue precisely in the northern east of Tehran. Being part of the sub-region of Pasadaran provided a unique atmosphere for Zarab khane. The luscious tree all around the street and the flowing natural flumes beside them and on the side of the street has boosted the freshness of this street even more. 

Zarab khane is in the 4 district of tehran and the central bank of Iran has a occupied the largest portion of this zone. Although in the past it was a site for money and coin production but today it is changed into the major recreational center for the national bank employees. 

Zarab Khane District in Tehran

People are ethnically diverse this means that new wave of construction has stabilize the neighborhood and it warmly welcome new inhabitants. Often those group of people who seek top quality residency choose Zarab Khane district and its neighboring area Pasdaran for more permanent domicile. But we have more suitable option for your elite desire! Furnished apartment on rent iran apartment are available for temporary stay with lowest price range you might consider in this neighborhood. 

Living in the Zarab Khane need a little bit of adventurousness as well! Wonder why? That’s because you are prone to explore all the corners of this unending area, countless top quality restaurants, cafes and sport centers. Above all the cultural and educational spirit of this part of tehran is very zesty! Almost every avant garde academic institute has a branch in Zarab Khane and its surrounding- Deutsches Sprachinstitut Teheran one of the fines language learning school is in the upper side of this district.

  • Zarab khane at a glance:
  •  Geographical position in Tehran: north
  •  known for: excellent weather and
  • Neighboring districts:
  • Access to zarab Khane district: Shariati highway, Zeyn-odin highway, Hemmat expressway
  • Subway station: it is available
  • Bus station: it is available
  •  the price range of furnished apartment in zarab khane district: High

Laid back and completely on point italian restaurant in zarab Khane district

  • Giovanni italian restaurant: not one but multiple Italian paint on the wall. This restaurant talks vividly about Italian traditions and fine style of cookery.  Omelets with melted Parmesan cheese and smoky slices of meat are ravishing dishes served on the chick plates. 
  • He cafe: boast a varied gastronomical offer as well as leisure and entertainment activities. This restaurant cooks from the broadest of ladders. There is no doubt on the polish and shine of this restaurant  
  • Roberto Café: Character and magical realism could not be deciphered from the menu of Roberto cafe in Zarab Khane district. This restaurant is place where Ferrari has thrown off the fine-dining shackles and started serving a playful, satisfying dessert a culinary of colors, Drowned in the caramel sauce with a slice of fresh banana and a scope of rich vanilla ice cream brought more playfulness into the ending game of dining. Taste wise it is breathtaking and innovative 

Other facilities

  • Qoba swimming pool: The modern sport structure in the Zomorrod public park induces a breeze of freshness and occasional passage of this park rejuvenate your mood even more.

Medical centers in Zarab Khane

  • Labbafinezhad hospital
  • Iranian pet hospital

Public transportation in Zarab Khane

  • Shariati metro station

Diplomatic sites in Zarab Khane

  • Embassy of Spain
  • Embassy of the Argentine republic 
  • Embassy the republic of Azerbaijan