Between Azadi and Sattarkhan sub-region there is a Behboodi region which is in district 2 of Tehran.

This street has mostly renovated buildings for less price in comparison with its other neighbors. Although it lacks public park and chained supermarkets, the transportation is fairly easy since the north and the south is directly connected to main ways in Tehran. This street ends in the Azadi street and in the north it starts with Sattar khan street.

If you are looking for an accessible place with moderate accommodation. Behboodi street is a suitable choice.

Originally the urban construction of this zone started in 1969 and from then the construction has had slow progress particularly on this street.

  • Behboodi at a glance:
  • Geographical position in Tehran: Center
  • It is known for:
  • Neighborhood districts: Shahr ara, North Karoon
  • Access to boulevard Behboodi: Azadi Street
  • Subway station: It is available
  • Bus station: It is available
  • The price range of furnished apartment in Behboodi district:  Middle

Ubiquitous facilities in Behboodi district

Chief Provider of health insurance in Iran on the south corner of Behboodi

  • Iranian Social Security Organization: This building is the headquarter of the social security organization of Iran. This association arranges necessary bureaucracy procedures for the staffs of various companies and other follow-ups of the regulations. Are you among the temporary workers in Iran? You can get insurance coverage for your health here.           

Fastest food deliveries on the Behboodi street

Resting at a rental home in Tehran and want to have the fasted food delivery? These three restaurants have the best service and they are right on Behboodi street.

  • Bare Sefid: Kale Pache doesn’t have the best reputation among foreigners. it might not be joyful to think about the cooked meat of less eaten part of sheep.  But Break the boundary of thoughts and have a novel breakfast at Bare Sefid in Behboodi district. This traditional dish is combined with a delightful mixture of spices like cinnamon, saffron cardamon, etc. This chic restaurant serves slow-cooked meat and broth of sheep with hot Sangak bread and lime.
  • Day Pizza: On the corner of Davoudi alley on the Behboodi street is the location of DAY PIZZA. This old restaurant has an economical menu with the possibility of fastest delivery in this area. Each day fresh daily soup is made as well. if you crave a bowl of soup don’t ponder to order one!
  • Burger Bank: if you are in your home on Behboodi street and fancying a nice burger call Burger bank and ask for takeaway service right away! a very small burger shop on Nokhost alley has street style food. This diminutive fast food place doesn’t have any place for you to sit, thus only consider ordering food.

How to go around by public transportation in Behboodi?

You can easily get a cab toward either north or south of Behboodi street. Then from there if you are in the south use Shadman metro station and in other cases use Towhid metro station.

  • Shadman metro station on the south
  • Towhid bus line on the north