Bagh-e Feyz area in the 5th district of Tehran is encircled by Hemmat expressway in North, Hakim expressway in the Southside, Sattari expressway on the left and Ashrafi Esfahani expressway on the right

Before the triple twin of Eskan tower climb up the height of skies in bagh-e Feyz, this area was a rural district called Feyz.

Bagh-e Feyz is among one of those western locations of Tehran that has had high popularity. This is because convenience infrastructures are in the adjacency of each other and this place is congenial to the immigrants. In addition to this factor, the weather quality is mild and by a short commute, you can discover a perfect public park. 

The construction in the 5th region of Tehran is booming, therefore, there is a high chance that there is a great option for any kind of flat you wish.

  • Bagh-e Feyz at a glance:
  • Geographical position in Tehran: West
  • It is known for: commercial centers and Holy Shrines
  • Neighborhood districts: Punak district
  • Access to boulevard Bagh-e Feyz: Ashrafi Esfahani
  • Subway station: it is available
  • Bus station: it is available
  • The price range of furnished apartment Bagh-e Feyz district: Middle to high

Must sees in the this neighborhood

700 years old berry tree in Bagh-e Feyz

Seyyed Jafar and Hamida Khatun Shrine: A qanat will company you as soon as you enter this holy shrine situated in the middle of Ashrafi Esfahani street at the core of Bagh-e Feyz. Walking into the peaceful yard of this place and you encounter trees that are aged more than 500 years and a 700-year-old senior in this place.

This site is the graves of Imam Mosa Ibn Jaffar ancestors whose pilgrimages often willing to travel along distance to visit this place.                   

Vast Monolith curtain walls-clothes of 9500 square meters mall in Bagh-e Feyz

Kourosh complex: it is evident that the architects had a stylish vision for Kourosh shopping center. once you pass by the structure it is impossible to neglect it. the ambiance of this modern shopping mall is very zesty since there is a jubilant activity for each corner. Seven floors Kourosh mall has the most extensive cinema complex in Iran’ capital city. Dolby sound bar amplifier is its leading-edge feature beside folding chairs that maximize your comfort while you are watching a movie.

Kourosh complex in Bagh-e Feyz district

Within this mall, in Bagh-e Feyze, a diminutive world of street food is alive on each floor. While ascending via escalators you don’t expect to see this variety of food trucks and stands at all. An enthralling gathering of all these ready to go snacks is on the sixth floors where all the cinema halls are placed.

From the intimate coffee shops on the ground level and to the mini indoor amusement park on the fifth floor, this shopping center compels you to plot a come-back soon!  

Kourosh commercial center in Bagh-e Feyz

Strolling on each floor and you can see that the variation of the shops is exceptional. each nation in the world has good representatives right here! above all the facility of parking is very calming as this place has 9 floors underground parking for visitors. This mall is on Sattari highway.  

8 Palm trees in the middle of the Tirazheh mall in Bagh-e Feyz 

Tirazheh shopping center: Charcoal façade and luminous exterior lights on the corner of Zamani street is a harbinger of engaging place. Tirazheh mall was established in 2003 but the futuristic vision of its architects has kept this location among the favorable shopping locations in the entire Tehran. Within this site, there are 3 spacious flats that include 340 stores. From the home goods to cosmetics everything is sold here.             

Public parks in Bagh-e Feyz district

  • Kaji garden park
  • Navid park
  • Tandorosti park

Available public transportation

  • Ashrafi Esfahani BRT bus line