Peaceful scenery of Shahrak-e Mahalti has that environment in which you wish to spend a week or two in a luxury villa. Shahark-e Mahalati is in the highest part of Tehran, exactly  on the plain land of Alborz mountain range. Consecutive valleys and foliage as well as forest park in the adjacency has boosted the quality of climate in this neighborhood. 

Possibly Sharahk-e Mahalti is suitable for those people who don’t need to commute as often since this site is quite far away from the center of tehran. Therefore, it is fair to say that this place is considered as countryside. 

People who live here are often those indigenous whom lived in this neighborhood for a long time, other than this modern building have added another point of attraction consequently many new residents who seek elite location come to Sharak-e Mahalti each year. 

The student life is active on the eastern side of this district because of two major faculties in Shahrak-e mahalati. Payem noor university and islamic azad university. Thus this zone is also suitable for student who want to have seasonal and temporary residency.

 The most vivid feature you’ll face in this part of Tehran is 15 towers known as atisaz complex on the eastern side of Shahrak-e mahalati. Triple color exterior in the middle of exclusive garden and the surrounding amenities is the extra  feature of this residential complex 

In addition to that Shahrk-e Mahalti has the amenities for occasional friend and family gatherings. Multiple stylish cafes on the Atisaz residential complex provides the best location for exclusive times. 

What to do in this part of Tehran?

Many things to do in this district of Tehran. The prominent sport centers in Shark-e Mahalti will provide suitable experience for you. There are many site that only exist only in  this part of Tehran. 

  • Sohanak forest park: Azure blue horizon and the fiery scenery of sun set and sun rise in the complexion of colors in the sky are your intack landmark in the Sohanak forest park in the shark-e mahalti. This forest park on the top of tehran is the ultimate landscape of Iran capital city. 
  • Maham shooting range: This sport complex has wide range of activities such as shooting, paintball, Tennis, karting, an exclusive piste for play electric cars. The supporters of exciting sport of fast cars will have a divers option in the Maham Shooting range. Within this sport complex you can go for an unexpected session of carting and electrical cars. Maham shooting center is the oldest shooting club exclusively for the trop category. Beside this you can have a joyful time in the restaurants and cafes in this shooting club in Shahrak-e Mahalti. 
  • Artesh Tennis courts: This sport venue on the southern side of shahrak-e mahalati has high quality  clay and hard tennis courts. Double courts in this site have seasonal roofs as well so you can drop by all time of the year. Many well known athletes choose artesh sport courts due to it’s  suitable schedule and coordination.  
  • Shahid mahalati sports hall:  Two indoor sport hall and an outdoor football field, A hall dedicated to martial arts, bodybuilding and multi purpose indoor salon.   
  • Ahmad Reza Abedzadeh Soccer School: this football center in the northern part of tehran has thoughtful  management who is expert in the science of sport and football. 

Convivial cafes and food court in Sharak-e Mahalati District 

Almas Iran Food Court: This food court is exactly in front of a spacious commercial center on the south of Shahrak-e Mahalati. This food court has a huge rectangle structure and in the this mono-flat building  you can choose between the circular range of restaurants ranging from traditional Persian food to Turkish dishes. In Almas Iranian food court there is a center for child care as well. Therefor, you won’t have any hardship spending time with your little ones. 

Almas Iran Food Court in Sharak-e Mahalati District

Bizi cafe: Intimate setting and breezy weather with a classic layout is all what you envision for a  relaxing moment and drinking a cup of macchiato. Bizi cafe is on Atisaz street on Sharak-e Mahalati. 

Nando cafe : collective games are your thing? On the right side of Sharak-e Mahalti in Nado cafe has a distinctive creativity. Here you can play your favorite table game including monopoly, chess and backgammon  and order a cup of hot chocolate plus a piece of cake. 

Sensi cafe: succulent steaks with thoughtful side dishes are the specialty of Sensi cafe on the top floor of  Atisaz complex on zekavat street. Other exciting options toasted panini sandwiches, these delicious sandwich are wrapped in salty breads with herbs and  sesame. 

How to go around using Public transportation

Sharak-e Mahalti has unexpected sea height level. Therefore, transportation routes are mostly suitable for personal vehicle and commuting via subway and bus is moderately inaccessible. Whether you prefer  public transit or your own car, these two amenities are in hand in shahrak-e Mahalati. 

  • Ghaem subway 
  • Mahallati gas station