Ozgol district used to be one of the main gardens and agricultural parts of Tehran. The further flourishment of this land was done by three families, among them Hassan and Mohammad Ozgol had the most significant role. Therefore, this area was named after them.

Ozgol region is in the first district of Tehran. Although today you can find access to this area by Artesh highway in north, Emam ali highway in the west and Babaei highway in the east. Before this area was bounded by Bibanak and Freydooni hills and you can see that current urban layout changed the geography of this part.

Still from those times many flumes and  gardens remained, therefore the weather of Ozgol zone has one of the best conditions. residents of this area are mostly the upper class of Tehran community and foreigners who wish to have the best residency experience in Tehran.

Ozgol district at a glance:
• Geographical position in Tehran: North
• It is known for: Amazing weather and luxurious apartments
• Neighborhood districts: Ajudaniye, Darrous
• Access to Enghelab: Babaei highway, Emam Ali highway, Artesh highway
• Subway station: it is available
• Bus station: it is available
Furnished apartment price range:

Architecture in harmony with environment

You can definitely find one of a kind architecture in ozgol district as the building below is a fine representative of outside the box mindset architects in this zone of Tehran.

  • Golestan park residential complex: this deluxe apartment is middle of park and is a new approach toward the urban construction in Ozgol district. This building was designed by Mohamad Reza Saei in the recent years. the Best features of Golestan park residential complex are artificial rivers encircling around the structure and it’s 700-meter penthouse. On top of all these, this building is in the middle of a garden in Ozgol district.

Enjoy public greenery in Ozgol district

  • Ozgol park: this area is more than just a space to relax. There is a cultural center right in the middle of this park that offers free educational and programs and provides social gatherings for sports events. You can find this park on Hashemi Ozgoli road in Ozgol district.

Grand shopping center in Ozgol

Stylish brands are all gathered in Almas Iranian shopping center

  • Almas Iranian shopping center : walking on the marble and stone corridors of this mall is joyful. you can have a delightful moment by drinking a café in the open air coffee shops or eat divers dishes in food court.

Two different places for visitors to eat

  • Rouge café: French served coffee and delicious cakes are on the menu of this coffee shop. We suggest you to try its’ crape fruit plate as it’s is very different and enjoyable.
  • Nobahar catering :this is an economical food catering restaurant in Ozgol district, but it’s price doesn’t compromise it’s quality. We highly recommend it’s lamb cuisine and Zereshk polo.

Clubs for martial arts and polo in Ozgol

  • Pouriya vali sports complex: this center is specialized in martial arts, beside this there is a department for body building and fitness.
  • Iran Polo and Equestrian Club: Restorative impact of riding in this center will calm your mind. And it is immensely therapeutic, if you visit ozgol district, try to book session in Iran polo equestrian club.

Public transportation

  • Ghaem subway station
  • Artesh highway Bus line

Military center

  • Supreme national defense university of Iran: this institute educates military students.