One of the ancient gates of Tehran used to be in khavaran district. today Kharavan quarter is in 14th district, yet during the Naser al-Din Shah Qajar had the most glorified momentum during his kingdom. This gate was built to replace a gate previously constructed by the order of Tahmasp I in Safavid dynasty.

Khavaran used to be the land of legumes and vegetables. Its fertile land was a ground for growing lettuce and cucumbers etc.

Regrettably today this gate doesn’t exist and khavarn has expanded to become ap art of Tehran metropolitan city. Chiefly due to all the incidents of Iran Islamic revolution and the influential figures who rose from this part, the population are more religious and they very active in spiritual rituals. In khavaran the demographic goes toward the middle class.

The Saeedi street from the north has closer access to khavaran. However, following the north you can go there by Mahalati highway as well. on the south Khavaran highway is spread across and you may go there from the east by Soleymani street.

Khavaran district at a glance:
• Geographical position in Tehran: center
• It is known for: cultural sites
• Neighborhood districts: Shoush district, Tayeb district
• Access to Khavarn: Khavarn highway
• Subway station: it is available
• Bus station: it is available
Furnished apartment price range: middle

A sport with training style of ancient Persian warriors

Around 637 CE due to Arab invasion zourkhānehs were both a place of training and secret meeting of knights. later because of the influential impact of Islamic culture its practicality was changed to varzesh-e pahlavani. The discipline of this sport became the chief philosophical and spiritual component of today’s zourkhaneh.

  • Martyrs of Doulab Zurkhaneh: discover one of them on your own and go to khavaran district. This sport center is on the corner of Esfandiari and shahid sadegh samadi street. This place is one of the oldest athletic sites in khvaran and Tehran.

Parks and green space

  • Jahanpanah park
  • Fadaiyane Eslam Park: This park is on khavaran highway
  • Azadegan Water Park

Finish your visit by eating a toothsome dish

  • Doulab kabab sara: This restaurant gives you one of the most authentic experiences and serve you mouthwatering dishes.