One of the oldest and most famous neighborhoods in the south of Tehran  is Javadieh. Prior to 1951 this quarter was called Turk Abad since the main residents of this division were Turk folks. Javadieh is in 16th district of capital of Iran. Still being one of the oldest neighborhoods of Tehran sadly the line of domiciles in javadieh are old and the residences are in the lower-class of society.

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Enthusiasts may go there by the following Navab expressway which is in the West and west east of Javadieh. Dasht-e azadegan boulevard is exactly in the east and if you are among those enthusiasts and happen to be in the east of this area and desired to take a close look you may follow Tondgooyan expressway on south east which connects you to Bahman square.

See the Third symbolical structure of Tehran in javadyeh

cantilever bridge of javadieh: one of the most recent design in javadieh district is a bridge with the same name. this bridge is the first cantilever layout in Iran and it might be compelling for you to know that it was designed by jala erab Hosseini. He took the initial inspiration from rail needles. Granted that Tehran railway headquarter is in javadieh district. This bridge was opened to the public in 2010.

Javadieh district at a glance:
• Geographical position in Tehran: south
• It is known for: rich cultural life
• Neighborhood districts: Nazi Abad, Khani Abad
• Access to javadieh: Navab expressway
• Subway station: it is available
• Bus station: it is available
• Furnished apartment price range: Middle to low

Tehran Railway main station is in javadieh

the central train station of Iran was inaugurated in 1927 and the whole layout was designed by an architects from Ukraine. Tehran railway station is nearly 30.000 square meter on the Bahman square in southern part of Tehran and it connects to the entire railway of Iran.

History of Iran railway on display in Javadieh

Iran railway museum: This museum is on the western part of javadieh district above Bahman square. over there you get a chance to learn about the details of when and where Iran rail way was started.

Public parks and facilities

Javadieh has one of the best public green spaces. Here you can easily find two of the biggest parks of Tehran. These two parks have great facilities Javadieh park
Velayat park

Public transportation in Javadieh district

Javadieh metro station