Elahiyeh in the first district of Tehran is compressed with various facilities and foliage lands. Elahiyeh is in the adjacency of other influential and well-known sub-regions such as Qeytarieh and Mahmoodiyeh in the metropolitan city of Tehran.

Elahiyeh is known as one of the most prosperous regions in Tehran. The chief cause for that is it’s exceptional geographical location and marvelous weather quality. Notable inhabitants of this area are diplomats and often foreigners who are working or want to have a temporary visit.

This region is besieged by two main routes in the east and west. Vali-asr and Shariati streets on the right and left sides of Elahiyeh. With local detours, you can find your way to the northern part of this subregion. Modardes highway on the south of this zone is connected to Sadr expressway which is a modern route connecting Elahiyeh in the east of Tehran.

One of the most well-known streets in Elahiyeh is Freshteh street on the downside which flows into the left front of the Russian embassy. On this street, there are uncommon restaurants and cafes

Elahyieh at a glance:

  • Geographical position in Tehran: north
  • It is known for: elegant architecture and affluent neighborhood
  • Neighborhood districts: Qeytarieh, Zaferanyeh
  • Access to Elahyieh: Parkway Bridge, Modares highway
  • Subway station: It isn’t available
  • Bus station: it is available
  • Furnished apartment price range: High

Where to visit in Elahiyeh area?

Display of  Iranian physician lifestyle in his house museum

  • Dr. Hesabi Museum: Only once a day there is a tour for the visitors but that shouldn’t be a discouraging factor since observing the lifestyle and personal belongings of an intellectual and diligent man are highly valuable. for visiting this place you need to have a sharp calendar and go to Toutounchi alley on the north division of Shariat street and after passing Takhti square be ready in front of an angled entrance on the Dr.hessabi alley. you find this place irresistible to discover the personal garden and see his French ducks closely. All of them are representations of Dr.hessaabi unlimited range of interest.

Exquisite mall in Elahiyeh

Modern Elahiyeh Shopping Center:  12 floors in this deluxe shopping mall has broken all the traditional barriers of shopping centers in the Elahieyh. The interior material and the exterior facade are extravagant and it is hard to neglect its visual loveliness.

On the ground, there is an oval shaped café with a mid-European menu. If you pop in there in the morning you’ll have a delightful moment under the fresh breeze of air and sunshine in its open space. On the upper commercial floors, there are world-known brands such as Monte blanch clothing line and other shops. Even if you are looking high and low to find the best office with great amenities, Elahiyeh commercial complex has four separate floors designed for this aim. This mall is at the end of Nelson Mandela street.  

Sky-high Tower in this area

  • Elahiyeh Tower: this tower on bidar street is a business center and has 21 stores and 8 parking floors. Having a great office in one of the highest towers of Elahiyeh is the right choice for the successful further development of your business.

Culinary engineering and harmonious use of ingredients

  • Hestooran Restaurant: Discerning use of simple yet conventional Persian dining utensils in hes’e tooran creates an uncommon visual loveliness. Here in this restaurant, all the salads have innovative mixtures, for instance, spring salad is a spiral gathering of sprouts, finely grated carrots and pomegranate seeds with nuts. Hestooran has a more personal intake of what Persian cuisine should represent and it considers itself as a deconstructed tribute to Iranian original foods. This dining house is on Nilufar alley in Elahiyeh.

Freely run, jog and walk in the Elhayieh women park

  • Women’s Park: having that freedom of strolling in nature in a place that is not very crowded can be hard sometimes. In the women park of Elahiyeh, females can exercise without worrisome thoughts and have full relaxation and peace of mind.          

Medical centers in Elehiyeh

  • Akhtar hospital: No matter what health issue you are experiencing at the moment, in Akhtar hospital in Elahiyeh there is a trained and certified doctor for it. This medical site offers a variety of health care services.  

Nurture your children in nature with skillful staffs

  • Nikan High School: This high school is one of those educational centers that is facilitated with a great luscious yard. Teenagers who study in this school have joyful moments in nature while receiving a top-rated training program and instructional courses.

How to go around if you don’t have a personal vehicle?

  • Sadr subway
  • Gheytaryeh metro station
  • BRT line 7
  • Bus line 4 passes from Parkway