This zone was named after Jalal-al-ahmad who was a prominent Iranian novelist and philosopher. This area is exactly located in District 6th of Tehran. The name suites this area because it is mostly a center for intellectual studies. You can find many important universities and research institute around here.

This street is one of the main streets in Tehran and it connects other main routes of capital city to each other. Locate in the west of Tehran it’s length is 5.5 kilometer in order to go there you can follow one of these highways Sheikh’fazollah, Chamran and Kordestan.

Jalal-al-ahmad District at a glance:
• Geographical position in Tehran: center
• known for: Being the residential preference of writers
• Neighborhood districts: Tehran Vila, Gisha
• Access to Jalal-al-ahmad: Chamran highway, jalal-e-al-ahmad highway
• Subway station: it is available
• Bus station: it is available
Furnished apartment price range: middle

Best universities of Iran are here!

  1. University of Tehran
  • Faculty of economics
  • Faculty of management university of Tehran
  • Department of Social Sciences – University of Tehran
  • University of Tehran, College of Engineering
  • Institute of Petroleum Engineering – University of Tehran
  • School of Mining Engineering
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Tehran
  1. Trabiat Modares university

Hospitals in your access

  1. Imam reza hospital
  2. Shariati hospital
  3. Tehran heart center

learn about medical history of Iran

  • Museum of Medical Sciences History

Collective sports activities in the biggest park of jalal-al-ahamad

  • Varzesh park on 13th street: if you want to try as many sports activities as you want and never get bored Varzesh park is a proper choice. Looking on the plan of this area, you may go to the center of this park and play football or take part in the morning group exercises. varzesh park is vast and entertaining.

Freedom of choice in Khaneh koochak restaurant in jalale-al-ahmad street

  • Khaneh koochak restaurants: the menu it self is very impressive since this restaurant tried it’s best to offer you as many options as it can. There are vegetarian meals, Italian and Chinese influenced courses.

where to Buy groceries?

  • Shahrvand store
  • Qezel Qaleh Fruit and Vegetable Market