Esmail abad might be a neglected area and home to many brick furnaces. But over there you can see low class folks who are extremely hard-working. This area is in 19th district exactly in south west of Tehran. It is famous that sky and land meet each other here in Esmail abad district because of its vast environment and agricultural lands.

You can go to Esmail abad district by two main express ways of Azadegan and sa’idi. If you happen to be on the west of this area you can follow Alghadir boulevard and get there, or even if you are in the north you can get there by Hosseini street.

Esmail Abad District at a glance:
• Geographical position in Tehran: South
• known for: football stadium and agricultural lands
• Neighborhood districts: Nemat Abad
• Access to Esmail Abad District: Azadegan expressway
• Subway station: it is available
• Bus station: it is available
Furnished apartment price range:

A fan of Iranian football teams? support them in Emam Reza stadium in Esmail Abad

  • Emam reza stadium: This stadium was opened in 2015 and has 10.000 sites capacity which provide assurance that everyone can go support his team. Even if you don’t vigorously follow football, there are other options within this stadium, such as cycling track and artificial walls for rock climbing.
  • Badr indoor swimming pool

A park dedicated to women in Esmail Abad

  • Nerges woman park: this park is 17 hectares and ladies can instinctively enjoy many sport activities there as it is for females only. Volleyball and tennis courts, swimming pools, skate and cycling courts are available and beside these there are gardening programs for the enthusiasts.

Facilities in Esmail Abad

  • Valiasr commercial complex: flat design of this mall provides more space for shoppers. You can spend time drinking a coffee in the open area or many items that are often on sale.
  • Yaft abad hospital: the land of this hospital was endowed by a Qajar prince named Mohammad Vali Mirza . Yaft abad hospital was opened in 1994, since then it has become more advance and has special division for brain and nerves, general surgery etc.
  • Alghadir CNG station: fortunately, there is a local CNG supplier in esmail abad so that you can use it as alternative of gasoline.

How to get there by Public transport?

There are two major metro station in Esmail Abad. You can choose one of them below based on your preferred location.

  • Azadegan metro station
  • Nematabad metro station