Looking for forest like parks? You can Find the best public green spaces all in Estakhr district in Tehran, but first let’s show its exact location. Estakhr district from south is connected to Zeyn od din highway and from north you can reach there by babai highway. Toward west and east Estakhr is bound to baghery street and hakimiyeh area in Tehran. People in mostly middle class and have a longer history of residency. Therefore, they are more homogenous. You can have just observation while visiting estakhr district and get a real impression.

sink yourself into the old trees of Lavizan Forest park

  • Lavizan park: old pines exist everywhere in lavizan park because most of them were planted in 1967 and it is 1100 hectare. if you visit this man-made forest you will get contained by the strong smell of leaves and the greatness of trees. You can have as many activities as you want as there are multiple facilities in this park.
  1. Tennis courts: lavizan tennis grounds are clay courts which you can hourly rent and enjoy your time with your friends.
  2. Tehran bird garden: unimaginable diverse species of birds are gathered in this garden. If you ever wish to see parrots, pigeons and eagles that are free in a nicely designed garden. Then go to Estakher quartier and get a ticket of Tehran bird garden.
  3. gym: want to switch to indoor activities? you can find nice indoor fitness so that you can have even more relaxed experience.
  • Yas forest park: this park was opened less than a decade ago and it is 1400 hectare-even bigger than lavizan park! Many pergola for you to have more private time yet relish your moment in the nature.
  • Police park: one of the newly made parks in Estakhr district is police park. How it turned into this spacious park and what was before? To give you more details, this area was a massive pomegranates garden in the past after many deformations in its practicality authorities decided to build this park so that they can provide better green space for people.

The architecture of police park in estakhr district is noticeable. You can see There are separate entrances and their layout was influenced by round pillars of porches in Sasanian dynasty.

The variety of trees and plant is another eye-catching feature of this park. Pine, cedar Tabriz, pyracanths, yellow Jasmin and Indian cloves as well as barberry and olives are just some of them. Police park have dense alignment of various plants which gives you impression of forest.

  • Sepah shar park: as part of residency complex this area is still under development. There are free spaces for local to loosen themselves during the rush moments of life.

Display of Modern graphic designs in Arbab Hormoz mansion

  • Iran museum of graphic design: this mansion was built for homoz arash-a Zoroastrian from Yazd-Iran. He was a business man commuting from India to Iran. later this site become a landmark and ministry of culture decided to convert it into a museum of graphic design. So, you can see the contrast of modern art with antiquated very closely.

A place to watch football matches together

  • Char Divari Traditional Restaurant: social gathering can be become hard sometimes but no worries! In estakhr district you can watch major football matches in char divari restaurant in estakhr district. It’s social life is very zesty that keeps you in.

Public parking

  • Police park parking: be relax because you don’t have to worry about parking lot here. Police park has very large public park for occasional visitors of estakhr district.

Public transportation

  • Bus: want to have more real and cheaper transportation. In estakhr district bus routes covers all the main roads. So can have easy travel.

student life and Faculties in Estakhr districts

  • Islamic Azad University North Tehran Branch: this is a private institute that offers a specific majors such as linguist and humanistic studies.
  • Faculty of Aerospace Engineering & Mathematics, K. N. Toosi University of Technology: This is one of the best public universities in Iran and exceptional students study there.