There was a time when Tehran wasn’t extended this much and many agricultural centers were in the current best residency areas of there. But time has changed and Eslam Abad is in district 15th one of current sites encircled by industrial and agricultural lands. It might not seems very compelling to you but Eslam Abad has some worth visiting places and if you are struggling to find your new product line then this place has plenty of space for you.

this area is in the south east of Tehran and the population there is around 45018 people.

In the past it used to be called Shahabad Sharghi and the boundaries of Tehran was close to this place. Once there used to be trenches and walls back during the time of Ghajar dynasty. Wonder why? Well there was this possibility of war and this area and others were used to be the frontiers.

Today there is not physical record of that time and new road constructions changed the whole alignments of Eslam abad. Low class of society lives in this area and depending on the season the quality of air might occasionally deteriorate. All and all don’t get discouraged because still you can find uncommon features in there.

Abounded yet exclusive tea house for you

  • Ayaran tea house: Light refreshments in the middle of eslam abad are served in old chairs and tables. You can even order a hookah and watch eslam abad modest scenery on the top of that have real perception of it’s humble indigenous of eslam abad.
  • Sedaght 2 restaurant: a moderate meal at Sedaghat restaurant can work for you both in terms of time and money. The menu in this restaurant is very simple but has most of typical Iranian dishes.


Two nearby parks for you to refresh

  • Ghandisha park: this park has flat space which is beneficial for people to enjoy their walk. Moreover, during the winter snow covers this park and creates a new seasonal vision.  
  • Children park: give a tour to your kids by going to children park in eslam abad. In this park there are facilities for them to play and enjoy their time.

Higher Education faculty

  • Islamic Azad university of Saba shar: this university is one of the branches built to institute better chances for Eslam Abad locals.