The general scheme of this district was formed in Pahalavi period. If you lived in that period you could envision another social future since there were many zesty youths active in Eskandarieh district. Even though things didn’t proceed as it was envisioned but people of this area are very humble and fraternal. Knowing them in person now will convey a sense of sincerity for you.

Esknadari is in District 11th of Tehran and it is populated with middle to low class of Tehran society. Hence there you can see distinct business and buildings.

You can find access to Eskandari quarter by imam Khomeini street. This street leads you to the north of there. Oppositely you can go to the south of eskandari by passing through komeyl street. to the west Eskandari district is in line with Navab expressway

In proximity of Eskandari District sculpture Garshasep is flaunting in the middle of Hor square. this statue is done by Gholam Reza Rahim Arzhang in 1960.

This area is highly active for religious mourning. indigenous People of Eskandari especially during the moharam decorate their allies and masques with extensive care. You find it fascinating to see their tributes and votive foods in person.

Eskandari District at a glance:
• Geographical position in Tehran: South
• known for: religious ceremonies and traditional souvenirs
• Neighborhood districts: Jomhouri, Jamalzadeh
• Access to Eskandari District : Imam khomeini street
• Subway station: it is available
• Bus station: it is available
Furnished apartment price range: low to middle

Hookah a the local souvenir of Skandari district

Smoking Tabacco is an entertainment and fun activity in the eastern culture specially in Iran. you can find  hookah with unexpected designs on the Eskandari street. This can be a token of Iran culture for your friends and acquaintances.

Perfect ratio of sauce and crumbles in the Eskandari

want to try a cold bit crunchy dessert with generous portion of fruits? these two dessert shops in Eskanadari district will give you the best experience

  • Sadat Ice Cream
  • Agha Bozorg Ice Cream