Pasteur is a Protective zone which Starts from daneshgah jang boulevard and ends in vali-asr street. The capital of Pasteur street is it’s square-having the same name. this zone is the headquarter of governmental sites and is in district 11th of Tehran.

  • Pasteur district at a glance:
  • Geographical position in Tehran: center
  • It is known for: cultural and governmental sites
  • Neighborhood districts: Moniriyeh district
  • Access to Pasteur district: Azarbayejan Street, Pasteur Street
  • Subway station: it is available
  • Bus station: it is available
  • The price range furnished apartment in Pasteur district: Middle

Hexagonal office of the Iranian President in Pasteur

From outside it is a hexagonal shaped structure with three pillars on each side of the main entrance. Four windows around the main entrance created a nice contest since two of them have oval shape and the rest are full length rectangles windows.  In front of Iran presidential office there is a round pond. As well as that the office is surrounded by a garden and old cedars.  


The office features monolith rectangle windows all around the Iranian presidential desk. The office itself has plaster works all round the walls and the upper margin. There are two dark colored leather desks for Iran president to work behind and a sitting space with white furniture for the guests and domestic visitors. The interior design is minimalistic and mainly remained intact throughout the years.  

Carpets are chosen with rigor attention since they are the symbol of Iran history and they are widened on the three main division of Iran administrative office. There is a conference and spacious guest rooms as well as other minor sections.

Playfulness of portions in the design of the Assembly of Experts parliament

This Assembly was originally designed by Heydar Ghiai who firmly believed in the importance of portion and balance in the architectural design. The distinguishing parts of this building are it’s two chain-like pillars on tow side. You don’t expect to see round hall at all yet Heydar Ghiai decided to create more Centrality by constructing a half circle hall. Today this site in pasteur is used by the assembly of experts whereas in the past it was the parliament of Iran.


One of the oldest bio-pharmaceuticals institute of Iran is in Pasteur district

  • Pasteur Institute of Iran: 1920 was the year that this highly successful research institute came to live. The application of medical sciences becomes turns into reality by highly advanced equipment. Moreover, it welcomes join research programs with nations such as France and Japan.   

Skillful doctors and a fine medical center in adjacency of Pasteur institute

  • Shahid Shoorideh Medical Center: expert surgeons in this medical center in Pasteur perfume biopsies with latest facilities so that patients don’t experience the least amount of side effect and fasten the recovery process.

Fine restaurant in this neighborhood

  • Italian sasasri restaurant: the environment is not what you wish to be. However, the meal is well done and you can pay an economical price for a typical Italian dish. This restaurant is exactly above Pasteur square on south kargar street.

How to get there by public transportation?

  • Meydan-e horr metro