Perhaps one of the targets of traveling for you is looking for an experience to make your mentality more resilient and boost your happiness and satisfaction.

And knowing that traveling only stimulate creativity if you engage with the local culture of that place, finding that fine spot is very crucial. Therefore, only via a structured travel plan the stress you may feel is eliminated

The appeal of getting away from your repetitive daily routine and explore the most desirable districts in Tehran and alluring sites in Iran is the best motivation you may have.

Imagine an instagrammable sunset in your everyday view. Visiting Iran is definitely much more than sipping on a cup of oriental tea in old bazaar and it can be more exciting and exhilarating if you choose everything more wisely.

if you give the rejuvenating experience of traveling to Orientals a chance. let’s be honest you’ll face some level of hardships, since some countries are less popular consequently accessibility as well as finding a right accommodation is a bit complex!

Airbnb is not active in Iran due to international issues but no worries! in this post we introduce easy-to-do easy-to-use methods for finding the perfect Airbnb style accommodation in Iran.

What is your travel goal?

In addition to the all influencing factors above there are many types of traveling styles. are you looking for an absolute comfort and you want the full value in return for your money? the premium version with a touch of authenticity and room service would be renting Airbnb style apartment in Iran.

What accommodation to choose in Iran?

Invalid reviews about the accommodations on Airbnb only put you in trial and error directions especially in your one-time travel to more distanced places. This means that you may even experience a landlord who is not a fan of adventurous tenant. As bizarre as it seems it is often true especially for less popular places. An example of this is undiscovered land of Iran.

Each landlord has his own personal regulations when it comes to renting his furnished flat on Airbnb. So, you are never truly free and you may not feel at home while you are visiting Iran or other places in middle east.

Why go for Airbnb style apartments in Iran?

First of all, this rental system is in line with the system you use in most places such as EU and US. If you aren’t in Iran for a business purpose then certainly you wish to see more natives and understand their local experience. Living in vintage flat is something you never experience in the hotels and messy motels.

There is a story behind every detailed design you see on the Airbnb style apartments in Iran. Sitting next to that idiosyncratic fire place and sip your cup of sultry tea is an exclusive experience. You get to experience a personal intake of interior design in a home that has spirit.

Most importantly you go against infinity cost of hotels and personalized service such as full facilities in kitchen and laundry all of which will resolves your financial limitation.  

Airbnb style apartments in Tehran have gained popularity based on these main factors below.

  • Home benefits
  • Sharing economy ethos
  • Local authenticity

Better accommodations than the original Airbnb in Iran? What’s the deal?

  • Unlike Airbnb we don’t charge any commissions if you directly call us from the website and rent a furnished apartment. so, no extra 20% payment!
  • The pricing in Iran commonly experience vacillation which means the price hotels rooms and rental apartments astronomically ascend. But Pricing in rent Iran apartment is fixed and standard. No sudden changes in rent Iran apartment.
  • The furnished apartment in Tehran have a monolith regulation system so you don’t have to deal with occasional distributions of moody landlords.
  • You get that one-o-one connection you wish with your local guides on rent Iran apartment so no room to worry about not having a real-life and authentic experience.
  • On Airbnb you won’t get a refund for cancelling a trip at short notice but on rent Iran apartment you don’t pay anything unless you are residing in your short term furnished apartments.
  • There is no privacy violation in the available flats on rent Iran apartment and if anything bothers you, you don’t have to go through tedious process of negotiating with customer service representatives. You will be in direct contact with the sales representatives on Rent Iran apartment any time you wish and they ensure your comfort.
  • You don’t have unwanted surveillance around you. Based on Airbnb regulations, owners can setup cameras to watch out their rentals but this is not the case on the available flats in this agency. Your full privacy is guaranteed.
  • The service on this site is unlike other third-party website such as couchsurfing. Here we only present you premium and luxury furnished apartments with side services, and all these comes with an economical payment.
  • You don’t need to go through difficult process of exchanging currency in Iran. You can simply pay the rent via dollar or euro.

How to rent a furnished apartment in Tehran?

We facilitated your procedure of reserving an Airbnb style apartment in Tehran even more. Our 24-hour free call service and online messaging gives you accurate and in-depth information about the available furnished flats. You won’t face any confusion or problems at all.

You can book a furnished apartment in Tehran and other cities of Iran following the steps bellow:

  • Consider the space you need and find a suitable district
  • check out our featured options
  • Contact our staff via texting service on the right corner of this page
  • Ask about further information
  • Prepare a copy of your passport, and id card
  • Meet up with our team in the chosen location
  • Sign up the contract and pay for your period of stay
  • Ask for your preferable services and even demand recommendations about restaurants and landmarks and almost any other question you have about you stay in Iran!
  • If you are satisfied with our service you can extend your stay at any time.

please share your thoughts with us.