This historical street from the North connects to the Mahalati highway and from the South to the Besat expressway. The street received its name after the revolution because of the incidents of Black Friday – 8th of the September in 1978. Hefdah Shahrivar is in the 12th district of Tehran and this zone is the birthplace of notable figures in Iran – it was one of the “12 Gates of Tehran” in the past.

Hefdah Shahrivar district of Tehran

During the years this street has gone through many phases and redevelopments. At the current time, it’s home to mostly religious residents – many sites are given voluntarily to provide a base to collectively perform spiritual duties in specific months or days.

Khorasan square is located in the middle of Hefdah Shahrivar street. There is a public medical hospital named Tous right on the left side of a street with the same name.

  • Hefdah Shahrivar district at a glance:
  • Geographical position in Tehran: center and east
  • known for: it’s history
  • Neighboring districts: 15th Khordad street, Molvai district, Tehran grand bazaar
  • Access to Hefdah Shahrivar district: Mahalati Highway
  • Subway station: it is available
  • Bus station: it is available
  • the price range of furnished apartment in Hefdah Shahrivar district: middle to low

Facilities in Hefdah Shahrivar

  • Zamin Chaman parse (soccer field) :This sports center is a local football club and enthusiast can rent this field hourly to practice soccer. Local people can participate in sports programs found here.
  • Grocery market on the south: Refah Grocery mall is on the right corner of the south part in this street
  • Framer market on the corner of Refah chains store: The best part of this marketplace is that it offers local farmer products and freshly caught fish and seafood. 


  • Lebanese night is located on the intersection of Hefdah Shahrivar street and Soroosh street. Do you fancy a Lebanese restaurant? Try Shish Kebab, Hummus and man’oushe bi zaatar in Lebanese night on Hefdah Shahrivar.
  • Javan restaurant :One of the oldest restaurants in the 12th districts of Tehran. Pay a visit to Hefdah Shahrivar street so that you can taste its juicy chicken kebab and freshly made rice. 

Other Important incorporation in this district

  • Kerman motor has two official branches on the north part of the street. These centers offer supporting service to its customers and sell new car models of Kerman Motor.


  • Shohada metro station is an alternative for fast access to the middle of this district.
  • A BRT bus line enables direct public transportation to the Khorasan square in the middle of Hefdah Shahrivar street.