Moniriyeh district is one of those antique parts of tehran In the past, particularly in the Qajar era this neighborhood was considered an affluent region in Tehran.  This region is in the 12 district, today this zone is in the south and it doesn’t have that flaunting reputation of the past. But where did the official name of this part of Tehran come from?

The name of this district was taken from the name of kamran-o saltaneh mother.  He was the third child of Nasseredin shah. This family made Moniriyeh mansion in this part of Tehran and after the death of Monir-o Saltane huge portion of lands in this region was gradually sold and Unfortunately today this royal residency doesn’t exist.

Political Turmoil and the wave of new construction changed the face of moniriyeh district. However,  today this location is the chief market for sport facilities. Well-known names such as Unisports and Adidas have branches in this part of Tehran. Other than availability of these brands, you can find many specific items for your favorite sport. For instance equipment for climbing the mountain has the best range in Moniriyeh district of Tehran.

Due to the changes in the urban layout of tehran, Moniryeh does not have that top quality climate once it had because of kingly gardens. This minor drawback can be easily adjusted by choosing one of those luscious streets like Moayyeri street in which plantain covering all of the pedestrians. 

The social stratification of this section of Iran capital city is disparate. Yet it is evident that many of the indigenous of Monrieyeh have been in this part of tehran for a long period of time. Consequently it is predictable that people have a close connection with one another. You can expect a warm connection after spending some time in one of furnished apartments here. 

12 district of tehran more particularly Moniryeh is a mutual spot near to top tourist attraction of Tehran. By picking one of the furnished flats in Moniryeh districts of Tehran you make sure you cover all the hot landmarks on your list and shop a little bit. Because Why not? 

The symbol of Moniryeh is set on its square and that is Abū-Sa’īd Abul-Khayr stuate. This figure was an iranian poet from the 10 century AD. This statue has 4 meter height and the main material used in this sculpture is concrete. This square from the west goes to the  Abo said street and tehran grand bazaar. To the north and south it goes to the valiasr street and rah ahan square in Tehran. 

  • Moniriyeh district at a glance:
  • Geographical position in Tehran: south
  • known for: historical landmarks, Bazaar and Markets
  • Neighboring districts:  Pamenar, Tehran Grand Bazaar
  • Access to Moniriyeh district: South Karkar Street, Hafez avenue, Vahdat-e Islami street
  • Subway station: it is available
  • Bus station: it is available
  • The price range of furnished apartments in Moniriyeh: Middle to low

What to do in Moniriyeh ?

Beside going for a shop of athletic equipment, you can become more adventurous and visit all the exceptional historical landmarks of Moniryeh step by step.

Marmar palace: This site is one of the historical places in Tehran  belonging to the pahlavi era. Reza Shah ordered the construction of Marammr palace. This Palace has had two architects, Joseph leon and Fat’hollah Firdaws. The interior of this palace is a consolidation of pure persian artistery. 

Kakh shahrabani : (known as the mayor palace)  The architect of kakh shahrbani was Gabriel Guevrekian who was the founder of new classic movement of architecture in Iran. The exterior design of this building followed the reputable stucco and plaster work especially from achaemenid empire. If you want to have a shortcut and see the details of Persepolis but with a touch of modernity then check out this structure in Moniriyeh district. 

Moghadam Museum: This mansion was built by the order of Ehtesab-ol mamalek in 1936-Ehtesab-il mamalek was one of the courtier of Qajar dynasty.  He had this vision of a river like yard with multiple fountains. Whitn this house museum there are a collection of poetry, stamps, a wide range of paintings and historical documents.  

Tehran Peace Museum : This museum is one of the most active exhibition halls in tehran. Creating a culture of inviting peace to the layered concepts of society is the ultimate target of this recreational site in Iran headquarter. As being a victim of imposed wars all throughout history, You can entirely engage with the various types of participatory programs. You can refer to this part for more information 

Sangelaj Theatre: this historical theater was founded in 1964 and since then it has been one of the highly demanded stages for performers in Iran.  

Other facilities in Moniriyeh district

  • City park
  • Shahr Farsh ( carpet market)
  • Haft Tir Sport Complex
  • Loghman Hakim Hospital

What public transportation to use?

  • Hassan Abad metro station
  • Imam Ali metro station
  • BRT line 7