Razi park vastness reaches to 257.899 square meters and was opened to the public in 1997. Park-e Razi is in district 11th of Tehran and same name is put with the neighborhood.

This place in the first days of the 20 century had diverse practicality. The major historical movement of Tehran reversed the usage of Razi Park-formerly known as Shahr-e now and municipality planned the current urban layout of this zone.

Gradually by passage, of the years and this sub-region advanced into an urban area with parks and an avant-garde ophthalmology sites. 

Whether you want to to go to Razi for a serious aim or for a city trip to its enormous park. This district is bounded to Qazvin street on the south and north and Karegar street on the west. Access to this section of the city can be done by Navab expressway. Razi square as a symbolic representation of this part is in the southeast of the zone.

  • Razi Park at a glance:
  • Geographical position in Tehran: center
  • It is known for: Fishery programs and gatherings
  • Neighborhood districts: Beryanak, Gomrok
  • Access to boulevard Razi Park: Qazvin street
  • Subway station: it is not available
  • Bus station: it is available
  • The price range of furnished apartment in Razi Park district : middle to low

Facilities in Razi park district

Recreational centers

  • Razi park: the range of plants in this park is highly impressive. Once you put your feet on this man-made greenery, you’ll be prone to discover it’s coziest sections. Founded in 1997 the artificial lake in this public park is suitable for fishing and enthusiasts of this sports gather each week for the joy of catching and sharing.
  • Lighthouse: Alluring artificial lake in the Razi park is furnished by a lighthouse that has ascending spiral steps all round it. Cantilever bridge over the lake gives you the most exotic sunset scenery that is possible in Tehran.        
  • Soccer field: if you are a more serious fan of other sports you can arrange an amicable gathering in the park-e Razi Soccer field in Tehran. Public soccer ground in this sub-region is for indigenous to rent and have a joyful activity.
  • Razi Cultural Center: Municipality of Tehran keep the community of this area very close together by organizing intriguing programs. Civic authorities in this part take advantage of the Razi park facilities and hold programs that encompass all the ages. By visiting this cultural center you can learn about its’ concurrent schedule and take part in one!       
  • Razi Cine-complex: Are you tired of walking around and just want to enjoy a relaxing time and perhaps watch a movie? Within Razi Park, you can buy a cinema ticket with a fair price and get delighted by watching a comedy film!                    
Razi Park district in tehran

Restaurants in this part of tehran

  • Aftabgardan Fastfood: on the northwest of Razi park there is a fast food restaurant that has cheaper food alternatives and milder quality. You might not get that photogenic dish you wished for your Instagram feed but you can get full by its generous portions and quick service.    

Convenient Local farm and grocery market

  • Navvab Fruit & Vegetable Market: Are you temporarily living in the Razi zone and want to fill up your fridge? This local market is on the Haj Sayah alley, next to Navvab expressway. This local shop has a wide range of groceries this means that with the minimum time you can buy high-quality items in one go!                  

Pioneering ophthalmology site in Iran is in park-e Razi

  • Farabi hospital: this hospital is the most sophisticated ophthalmology site in Iran. This special medical center was officially constructed on the foundation of 371.02 square meters in 1942 and has more than 450 patients capacity. Currently, this hospital is one of the high-rated locations for novel treatments and rapid recovery procedures in the middle east. You can find it’s website and study it’s departments moreover, book an appointment if that’s what you need.

A hospital designed for children only

  • Shahid Fahmideh Children’s Hospital: this children only hospital in Razi zone offers delicate care for offspring in a lively environment. This conveys that your children are not only under correct treatment but also they are in a hospitable ward in which zesty programs are arranged to keep their fragile spirits very high. The staffs are trained to treat children with a high degree of sensitivity, therefore, your infants feel as if they are in the hands of their parents.    

Best public transportation in this area

There is plenty of option for you to go around in Razi zone but presumably, the fastest one here is personal cars. if you don’t have one in hand you can’t rent cabs or use bus line number 8304.

  • Route 8304 bus