Rooftop restaurants reach their all-time high demand in the pick of the summer. I am sure you agree that pop-up restaurants and rooftop gardens are the place to meet friends or spend an afternoon working on your solo project while sipping a joyous cup of Americano!

In addition to all these, rooftops can be a preface of short term yet divers residency in setting similar to a penthouse!

  • Roble Lounge: This restaurant carries the heavy reputation of being the highest rooftop garden in Tehran with 1760 meter from the sea level. This restaurant is on the last floor of Galleria commercial center in Tehran and from what you often hear from its loyal visitors is known as the dining lounge on the seventh sky of Tehran. The interior architecture of Roble lounge followed an extensive design plan and all the furniture in this wide setting area are harmoniously arranged to give you that extra visual loveliness.
Roble lounge rent Iran apartment
  • Roof top grill:  With the sunset view of northern part of Tehran as just a part of your landscape, Roof Top grill located in Naseri street in Jordan has that extra crisp you want from a cozy site.  Chairs are arranged in form that gives you the excellent view of most famous street in Tehran-Jordan street. If you are firm fan of seafood and combinational appetizers then pick out the succulent roasted salmon with eggplant rolls. We recommend you get a Hoka right after and emerge yourself in the lighting of this intimate environment. Roof top grill is cautiously designed to give you that modern oriental visionary.
  • Seray Ala Restaurant & Café: This restaurant has interchangeable rooftops. This off-the scale lounge area specializes in Lebanese traditional cuisine.  Arabic cafes are served to its premium version and that image you had from middle eastern delights is modernized to it’s best. Kanafeh with a scope of vanilla ice cream and a generous sprinkle of finely grated pistachios and Saray Ala signature Baklava can turn your small gathering into a competition for the last nibble of these tasteful desserts.
  • Amolai Restaurant: Heading to Darband street, I guess you haven’t tried to check every single detail you may find so I am guessing you haven’t encounter this café!. A swift trip to Amolai restaurant and you’ll be away from the city buzz and will be fully engaged with your mouthful morning brunch. In Amolai restaurant you won’t even have that fear of being neglected or ignored. Certainly, there won’t be any long stretches without being fed either in this exquisite rooftop in Farmanieh. Instead if you want a licked plate of modern Persian cuisine and British breakfast with a view from the Amolai deck toward the Tehran shore line GO to this rooftop in Tehran.
  • Royal shopping center food court:  The magnificent skylight of this venue and the whole structure itself is a state-of-art. Going around this newly established commercial center, and while you ascend the initial stages the food court is on your radar. The vital section of the menu and the surrounding glass window in this arena reflects the environment. The greenery in the surrounding amplifies you appetite even more. The range of option which are offered in this circulative food court is multi-international (a laid-back environment) . In the food court of royal shopping center there are An array of traditional cuisine, Italian signature dishes and many more. if you are searching for that great venue for a graduation ceremony of a private gathering then royal food court can serve that well.
  • Sana Shopping Center roof garden: this triangle roof garden gives you not single but double exposure to the view of Chizar and Farmanieh district in Tehran. One of the most zesty garden with surrender of plants and flowers and pool promises a joyful reconciliation with anyone you can imagine. This unique site is in Sana commercial center on Andrasgou street.
  • Leon Restaurant Pasadaran branch: The chicken roll is the outstanding option of this menu if you are searching around up and down the menu for a great appetizer. Right after that Creamy Alfredo pasta-an Italian dish among the options of this roof top in the eastern part of Tehran is a portion of juiciness cream. There is certainty that there is no old vibe in Leon Restaurant, as it is the top choice of youth who want to both entertain and have a mouthful of inventory and Italian cuisine. While enjoying the pristine breeze of air you get to sip through your combinational fresh juices.