Tappeh seyf is an area zoned for indasutrious activities and there are many factories in this location. The main purpose of this suburb district is to become a base for further industrial developments within cities of Iran. The chief target of this land was to cover the need of domestic Petrochemical and paper industries, reduce business expenses and ultimately export these products. Tappeh seyf is appropriate site supporting manufacturing infrastructure.

Tappeh seyf is in 22th district of Tehran and is close to Chahar dangeh district in Tehran suburb, Also as part of Islam shahr. You can reach there either by Azadegan expressway from the east and Sa’idi expressway from the north.

Modern economy in tappeh seyf

  • Sadra polymer Espadana factory: Sadra polymer Espadana manufactures polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene. This factory is the biggest production site in Iran. This site has many other oil derivation products for common usage. this Iranian factory makes Tanks and vats of polyethylene for better agriculture production all around the country and it’s neighboring. For instance, it makes Textiles and Fisheries equipment. Etc.
  • Sadra Industrial exhibition: This factory has a permanent fair next to its production site. If you are among investors or buyers this showplace provides you with real models and materials. For this aim, you can arrange an appointment and go to Sadra polymer Espadana exhibition.
  • Yara polymer factory Of of Tehran: if you are one of those customers who wants better equipment in his farm or fishing lands or  just a builder who wants large scale polyethylene facilities, Yara polymer factory in Tapeh seyf supply you with them. This company was founded in and 2002 and since then it increased it’s production capacity to 300 tone in each year. This company has the capability to produce any polymer based tool-even traffic buckets and singes.

Senior paper mill of Iran is in tappeh seyf of Tehran

  • Carting and printing factory of Tappeh Seyf: build in 1951 this factory produces more than 50 tones of paper and cart for various food packages. The CEO of this company was chosen as one of the top entrepreneurs of Iran in 2009-depicting its the capability of major paper production for prospective customers. Paper-mill of Tapeyeh seyf delivers Your demand of excellent and hygienic food packages based following your preferences.

A nearby place to get fresh food

  • Golden chicken restaurant Mahdi yar: The motto of this restaurant is that if you don’t become satisfied with our food with will return your whole money! You can imagine that they put extra care into their food so that they deliver pleasing dishes. We consider that the best item on the menu is it’s fried chicken with rice. There aren’t any garnish around the food but you’ll enjoy its simplicity and deliciousness.