Jomhouri is the central market for the home appliances, more specifically digital devices. This street is on the east of Tehran and it is one of the most important trade places on Iran’s capital city. This region is in district 11th of Tehran.

This street in the past was called Shahabad and later Khaled Estamboli. This less known name is still used among the elderlies of Tehran.

Being the core of commercial trade in Tehran both in terms of clothes and appliances this region used to be the number one shopping street in Tehran. Years later it’s practicality is changed. Yet it’s one of the most extensive locations for buying cellphones and computers and other tech amenties. 

Perhaps you can find the cheapest residency apartments and rooms here. since the social stratification hasn’t gone toward modernization following the concurrent degree in Tehran.  

People here are often long run residents and business owners. But due to its accessibility, it is a suitable place for students and temporary visitors who don’t wish to spend a big budget.

The start point of Jomhouri is Roodaki street going straight toward the square with the same name. This avenue is cut by important streets such as south Kargar, south Felestin and Valiasr streets. Jomhouri ends in the Baharestan square in Tehran. As you can see this zone is very accessible and you can commute effortlessly.

  • Jomhouri district at a glance:
  • Geographical position in Tehran: Center
  • It is known for: Trade centers
  • Neighborhood districts: Moniriyeh
  • Access to jomhouri district: Tohid tunnel
  • Subway station: it is available
  • Bus station: it is available
  • the price range of furnished apartment in jomhouri district: Middle to low

the diversity of jomhouri district

The crown of Persian empires are stored beneath this street

National jewelry museum: This treasury of secrets is where Nader Shah Afshar left its Daria-i-Noor diamond and all many of Qajar dynasty jewelry are placed and the crowns of the last king and queen of Iran are reserved. Once visiting there you are checked two times and escorted guards in this massive safe deposit. Guards give you brief explanations about each vitrine. The glaze of fine pieces of jewelry turns your visit into one of the most memorable times of your life.  

Unusual museum in the this street

Glassware and Ceramic Museum of Iran: This museum is on 30tir street on Joumhouri. The building itself is historic and once belonged to Qavam-ol-Saltaneh aQajar king. what is compelling about this building is it’s fusion interior design, being heavily influenced by Russian conventional houses and Austrian and French elements. Within the museum, you can see clay works and glass compartments form 4th millennium B.C up to present day.     

Enjoy getting familiar with high tech and Watch movie

  • Charsou mall: This mall is one of the major commercial centers in Tehran in which the major bands of digital products are present. In the proximity of this mall there is also a cinema complex specified for the movie enthusiasts and theater fans. Both these sites are among one of the the most stylish recreational provision in Tehran.

An exhibition of latest mobile devices

The name of jomhouri is conjoined with being the core location for permanent tech fairs and shops. Two commercial center below are particularly dedicated to latest cellphone trades. You can find the newest models in there.

  • Aladdin 1 Passage            
  • Aladdin 2 Passage         

A mall for elegant attires

  • Shans’e Élysées Passage: If you need official clothing or want a try out a formal clothing drop by this passage in jomhouri district in Tehran. This mall has many shops with ceremonial dresses mostly for women.

Restaurants in joumhouri district

Historical mansion and a modern restaurant

  • Khanehfamouri (famouri house): this is a magnificent historical mansion on Jomhouri street. within this mansion, there is an uncommon modern restaurant. Truly one of the best combination and contrast you can ever discover in Tehran is in Khanehfamouri.  

Tasty Pickle pepper-a side dish of your fresh sandwich

  • Monsieur Sandwich: A huge portion of savory pickles are given to you with you jambon sandwich. You mouthful bites have an exclusive punch and they are full flavors.

Cinematic café and restaurant in Joumhouri street

  • Gol Rezaieh Cafe & Restaurant: This café serves Indian and Iranian fusion foods on typical plates of Persian homes in the 70ies. This gives you more authenticity as if you are dining in your grandparents’ house, but instead, there are pictures of world-known celebrities and Iranian figures all around you. More than that if you are a vegetarian you can definitely find options in this café. This restaurant is on 30th Tir street.

Daily-made seafood with the most economical price in Tehran  

  • Lakan Restaurant: Back to its 50 years span of establishment this restaurant has had little changes through all these years. It is a small and humble dining site on Jomhouri street. this place only serves seafood and limited pickles. The food is freshly made and it is cheap.  

Other facilities

Child health care and a century of services

  • Najmieh hospital: this hospital was established with the target of giving the best medical service to the women and children, Particularly pregnant woman. since it’s establishment in 1927 Najmieh hospital was expanded its facilities and now it has many other necessary wards. 

First Zoroastrian high school in Tehran   

  • Firooz Bahram High School: this school was named after a Zoroastrian soldier who lost his life in the world war the first. this high school has had great alumni. for instance, Hossein Nasr was one notable character who studied in this high school and later became the first Iranian MIT student.  

Diplomatic sites in Jomhouri sub region

  • Embassy of Great Britain
  • Embassy of Turkey
  • Embassy of German

How to reach here using public transportation?

  • There is a BRT bus line covering Joumhouri from start to end.
  • you can easily take a cab on any points in Joumhour Street