The name of this district has an amusing story behind it. Afsaryeh was born in the 18th century and she was the daughter of Qajar crowned prince Abbas Mirza. She possessed this land as a gift from her parents and decided to divide them into a 180-meter square and sell them. Years passed by and the contemporary indigenous of this district still refer to this region by the same name. Afsaryeh is located in the 15th district of Tehran. This region is on the south of the capital city of Iran.

The four frontiers of the rectangle of this sub region are Basij highway on the left. Ordibehesht is on the right front, Shahid Rahimi street is on the top side and on the south side, there is Torabi street.  

Working class of society mainly do live in Afsaryeh merely because the modern urban structure has altered the social status of many parts of Tehran. Consequently, apartments with cheaper price range are found in this part of the city.

Afsaryeh can never be overlooked since it has been the home to remarkable figures and convenience infrastructure and noteworthy mountain range are among some of its provisions. knowing that the south of Tehran has better public transportation you can knowingly choose this location.

Better to choose this site from any other since the amount of construction in Afsaryeh is soaring and with an economical price you can take full advantage of your residency.  

  • Afsaryeh district at a glance:
  • Geographical position in Tehran: South
  • It is known for: Takhti stadium and economical housing
  • Neighborhood districts: Abouzar and Ghasre Firouz  
  • Access to Afsaryeh: via Basij highway  
  • Subway station: it is available
  • Bus station: It is available  
  • The price range of furnished apartment in Afsaryeh district: Middle to low 

The facilities in Afsaryeh district

Takhti stadium: this football stadium has the capacity of 30.000 seats and it is located on the right side of Hejrat highway in Afsaryeh. Since it’s the first day of opening in 1932 It has gone under various renovations, and today Takhti stadium has 12 separate fields for team preparations and 6 other fields with artificial grass for local trainers. Jahangir Darvish the chief architect of this project designed this arena with the corporation of surrey university and allocated the other necessary calculations to a French company.

Takhti stadium in Afsaryeh district

His vision for this athletic complex was a horse-shoe but beneath that, he was focused to have the spectators in ascending ring on one side of Takhti stadium and open a scenery space for football matches. Going to Takhti stadium you can have a rejuvenating session of sports activity based on your preferred choice

Spectacular indoor water parks in Afsaryeh

Azadegan water park: Take your swimsuit and strokes because this water park in Afsariyeh has the most exhilarating water roller-coaster in Tehran! Variety of slide water parks and aquatic maze packed with bridges and ball pits in the outdoor area gives you unbelievable enjoyment of tropical ambiance. Spend one weekend in the Azadegan water park and create unforgettable memories

Other Infrastructure

  • Etka store: this store was founded for the specific needs of military families. But the good news is that in the Afsaryeh district there is a branch of this store and it is located on Ordibehesh street in this zone.
  • Sansoven confectionary: on the corner of Valfajr street in Afsaryeh there is a unique pastry shop that was established nearly a decade ago and since then it kept a reputation of fresh pastries and sweets. If you want to visit a friend or just want to try a Persian delight and want a shop to try in your proximity, go to the Sansoven pastry shop in Afsaryeh.    
  • Fatemeh Zahra hospital corps: facing minor health issues can get in your way of active daily routine. there is no room to worry! Close to Afsaryeh district Fatemeh Zahra hospital of corps on Baghaei street is located in the southwest of Afsaryeh.
  • Afsariyeh Great Mosque: the ethnicity of people goes toward the suburb resident of this zone. People often came to Afsaryeh from outer sections of the east of Tehran, and their active presence in the religious demanded highly usable sites. Afsarieyh great mosque is on the Rostami street in this district and if you are seeking a moment of peace or want to get more involve in the local community, this place is for you to try out.  

Facile public transportation Afsaryeh

Going around and access to other parts of Tehran or other cities of Iran is often effortless that’s because there are multiple expressways and highways around Afsariyeh area. However, if you can’t count on your personal vehicle for some reasons you can always have cheap life by available public transportation in this region. Two of fine transfer options for you are listed below

  • Khavaran terminal bus
  • Subway line 4 of Tehran