The district is famous to be the first zone that was developed in the entire metropolitan city of Tehran, beside that this area was the first infrastructure for the further development of telecommunication line. Pamenar is in district 12th of Tehran and was marked a national heritage in 1955.

Being among the oldest quarter in Tehran, In the past was one of the wealthiest parts of Tehran and out-standing figures arose from here. Pamenar was home to Malek-o shora bahar one of the most prominent contemporary poets of Iran.

Today the social layers have experienced drastic changes and people here are among the middle to the low-class of Tehran community.

This historical sub-region of Tehran is next to park-e shar. You can find access to Pamenar by following Amir Kabir street on north and Panzdahe Khordad street on the south.

If you are on the east or west then traverse either Mostafa Khomeini street on the east or Khayam street on the west.  

When you go to Pamenar you can go around by the light rail train. This public touristic transportation tool is designed for visitors so that they can have a more enjoyable trip.

  • Pamenar at a glance:
  • Geographical position in Tehran: South
  • It is known for: Authentic urban fabric, historical structures
  • Neighborhood districts: Emamzadeh Yahya, Hassan Abad
  • Access to boulevard Pamenar: Panzdah-e-Khordad street
  • Subway station: It is available
  • Bus station: no easy access
  • The price range of furnished apartment in Pamenar district: low

Important sites in Pamenar

The smell of Persian new year from a confectionery in Pamenar 

  • Bahar pastry shop: Right on the Mostafa Khomeini street there is nearly 100 years old confectionery. The consistency in each piece of pastry in this shop has brought a very distinguished reputation for Bahar. First, it was founded in 1938 by a family called Maha. They chose the name of Bahar because of it’s adjacency to a square with the same name and also it’s crowdedness in early spring- because of Noroowz.

Historical place you should visit in Pamenar

  • Kazemi House museum: this historical building is at the moment 100 years old and. The urban fabrication of this zone, on of the sub division of 15th khoradad area, is treasures due to the architectural pieces belonging to the break-pointing momentum of history. Kazemi house museum is the gem of this neighborhood- a fine representative of aspiring constructions without any duplication in the future. Being an alcove for the Kazem mostoofi who climbed the ladder of success in the nasserdinshar qajar era, Likewise many of the compartments of this mansion followed the reputation of  it’s residents. The handcrafted high infidelity windows spreading luminous daytime light into the main hall and the 5.1 meter ceiling from the base with minimalistic stucco works are just a number of it’s visual attributes. Kazmi mansion was a part of a bigger construction and today a garden in the from part and only a some divisions are open to public as a museum.
  • Navab bath house: Flash backward to the movie industry of Iran and the term qeysar movie becomes bold in the picture for those who might not  be familiar. This master piece was done by Masoud Kimiai in 1969 from that time to know this bath has gone under different renovations plans. what you encounter today is a multi purpose recreation center and there is tea-house and mini exhibition within this traditional bath. If you want to visit this nostalgic location on the top of that if you are a fan of Art, history and  architecture, follow along the west Oudlajan which is at the end of Shahid Mohammadi Reza Bagheri street.

Persian theme café

  • Shamsolemareh restaurant: In the close adjacency of Shamsolemareh palace there is a fairly old café and restaurant. The entry is a reminiscent of old days of Tehran and is has that authentic sense into it.


The pin point of where Tehran was started and continued to grow is belivied to be oudlajan in Tehran. This is the oldest street in Tehran and it is bounded to Nasser khosro, amir Kabir street and 15th khordard district. In 1850 most of population here were Zoroastrians. Oudlajan was considered as one of the elite neighborhoods therefore many landmarks were gradually built here.

Oudlajan mosque: this mosque is located in an area with the same name. It is speculated that Tehran initial growth started right here in Oudlajan in Pamenra. this mosque was founded in 1920 and years later Ayatollah Kashani renovated this place. As an endowed place by Aqa Bahram today it is known after it’s renovator- Ayatollah Kashani mosque.     

First higher education center of Tehran is in Pamenar

  • Darolfonoon High School: this school was the prime establishment for the purpose of modrn education but sadly due to the conspiracy of the individual oppositions darolfonoon was never inaugurated by it’s founder- Amirkabir. Later on after the opening of two other similar higher education sites in other cities of Iran eventually The first bell of this modern education center was rung in 1851. The first instructive teachers of this school were a group of Austrian expatriates who weren’t welcomed warmly in their initial entrance. However, their faithful endeavors along with other instructors built a new generation. The sense of inspiration breeze through this building in pamenar and today you can pay a visit by going to the kalhor street.

Grand bazaars in Pamenar

Strolling on pamenar streets which unroll the essence of Tehran can be conjoined with exclusive shopping experience as well. There three main bazaars in this part of Tehran- a vital vessel of Iran commercial trades.

  • Pamenar Grand Bazaar
  • Oudlajan Bazaar
  • Tehran grand bazar

How to go around By public transportation?

  • Imam Khomeini metro station (north)
  • Panzdahe Khordad metro station
  • Qurkhane Bus Terminal on Qurkhane alley